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Why IFT18?

A Matter of Science + Food—A Matter of Importance.

Since 1939, IFT has been bringing the most creative minds in the science of food and technology together to collaborate, learn, and contribute, all with the goal of inspiring and transforming collective scientific knowledge into innovative solutions for the benefit of all people around the world.

IFT18—A Catalyst for Innovation and Collaboration

Share and be challenged by the latest research, innovative solutions, and groundbreaking thinking. Take advantage of limitless opportunities to make new connections and expand your professional contacts.

IFT—A Community with Vision

Immerse yourself into a community committed to driving innovation and global food sustainability. At IFT18 you will question and discover, break boundaries and redefine, be challenged and inspired—because the future of food depends on it.

Be Transformed

Gain insights and meet the people who are driving innovation across the science of food.
Build new relationships with limitless opportunities to connect and expand your professional ecosystem.
Learn what’s next from the largest and most diverse concentration of global food industry suppliers.

July 15-18, 2018  I  Chicago, IL