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IFT Foundation Feeding Tomorrow

Feeding Tomorrow, the Foundation of the Institute of Food Technologists, works to deliver a culture of support for the next generation of professionals in the science of food and in turn creates a safe, nutritious and sustainable food supply for everyone.
Feeding Tomorrow programs and activities planned for IFT17 include:

  • Fun Run + Fitness – We “re-invented the Fun Run in 2017! Meet us at 7:00am on Monday for a 5k walk, 5k run or 30-minute yoga session, or new this year, you can participate “virtually” anywhere, anytime in the months of May and June and just upload your results to make an impact. Registration for the Fun Run + Fitness event will open in April. Proceeds from this event will support the Feeding Tomorrow scholarship program.  
  • Fun Run + Fitness AFTER PARTY – Whether you ran, walked, and yogi-ed with us at 7:00am or did it “virtually” on your own time, we want to see you at our “IFT Makes FIT Happen After Party”. Join us at 7:30am on Monday at the IFT Booth to celebrate fitness, wellness and of course, rewards! After Party is included in your Fun Run + Fitness registration, which will open in April. Proceeds from this event will support the Feeding Tomorrow scholarship program.
  • Scholarship Recipient Reception – Feeding Tomorrow’s celebration of the 2017-2018 scholarship recipients. Date, time and location TBD.
  • Zero Food Waste – We know you love food. At IFT17 we are working to ensure it doesn’t get wasted. Throughout the meeting, Feeding Tomorrow will partner with Sands Green Meeting Program to ensure post-consumer food waste is either composted or provided to a local pig farm, and leftover food from banquets (unused and unserved) is donated to local charities.
  • Panel: Food Technologists Without Borders: a cross-sector prospective on food science and technology in developing countries – Feeding Tomorrow Trustee, Bernhard van Lengerich, former Chief Science Officer at General Mills will moderate a panel discussion on scalable, sustainable food solutions for those living in developing regions around the world. Panelists will share first-hand experience creating, guiding and facilitating in-country food and nutrition solutions, with the aim to encourage the next generation of thought leaders to have open minds for continuous innovation and learning. Location: IFTNext Stage next to IFT Booth. Date/Time: TBD

About Feeding Tomorrow: Our aim to bring the best and brightest minds to the science of food and to help them improve the world. In 2016, IFT member and corporate contributions to Feeding Tomorrow supported the following program activities:

  • Sixty-six undergraduate and graduate students in food science received academic scholarships and travel grants totaling more than $125,000
  • IFT Student Association's Developing Solutions for Developing Countries (DSDC) competition, through which student members develop of new products and processes targeted at improving the quality of life for people in developing countries
  • Seven IFT Achievement Awards, which were presented to IFT members in recognition of the contributions they've made to advance the science of food
  • Two student members received funding to participate in the summer scholar’s programs at Cornell University and North Carolina State University

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If you’re serious about advancing your career, business, research, or the science of food and technology, then you can’t afford to miss IFT17.