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Sampling of Participants:

airPHX Environmental

airPHX Environmental
airPHX  Environmental sells technology that reduces airborne and surface pathogens that plague the food processing and storage industries.  Unlike existing air purifiers (UV, filters, etc.) the company’s technology treats both surfaces and the air and can be scalable to large industrial sized applications. 


AmazStev Inc. 
AmazStev Inc. is a Canadian food ingredient company that specializes in natural sweeteners. It has developed a natural process that has unlocked the full potential of stevia extracts and gives formulators a straightforward solution for reducing sugar without compromising taste. Using a novel, proprietary process called NuSense™, the company can eliminate the bitter and astringent aftertaste typically associated with stevia and improve its sweetness profile. In addition, the ingredient enhances the taste and flavors of food, synergizing with sweet, fruity, and savory notes, while attenuating off-notes from many functional or nutraceutical ingredients. No bio-synthesis and no bio-processing—it comes from the Earth and can be certified organic.


Aryballe Technologies
Aryballe Technologies develops and manufactures mobile, connected, universal odor sensors. Based on a unique combination of technologies (optics, biochemistry, electronics, and IT), the company’s digital nose NeOse™ Pro allows the detection and identification of odors via their interaction with 60+ sensors bio-inspired by human olfaction. More than 800 odors have been detected, digitized, and stored in odor databases for subsequent comparison or matching. Aryballe’s solution integrates sensor,, odor databases, and software for data visualization and analysis. Applications for the food industry range from the farm to fork: quality control to ensure batch-to-batch consistency (raw materials, processes, finished products), support to R&D for new product development, and support for panel testers.


AseptoRay has developed a technology based on UV light that effectively pasteurizes a wide range of liquids—from turbid juices to milk. The pasteurization process is non-thermal and as a result saves about 75% in energy costs compared to traditional thermal pasteurization. It is also an attractive alternative to HPP. The technology effectively eliminates heat resistant spores, yeasts, and molds, which significantly elongates the product’s shelf life and improves the safety and quality of the liquids. AseptoRay’s solution is completely natural and environmentally friendly.

blue prairie

Blue Prairie Brands
Blue Prairie is dedicated to replacing artificial ingredients and extracts with clean label, minimally processed whole food ingredients. Blue Prairie Chicory Root Flour is produced from whole chicory roots, which naturally contain more prebiotic inulin than any other source. The company selects and plants the right seed variety, sustainably grows its plants on dedicated U.S. farms, then minimally processes into a novel, inulin-rich, multifunctional flour that meets the FDA's definition of "whole and intact dietary fiber."


Ecovatec Solutions
Ecovatec Solutions is a private Canadian-based egg yolk processing company that is dedicated to delivering premium egg yolk ingredients to the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. Ecovatec is at the forefront of the development of bioactive proteins and is the first and only producer of hen egg phosvitin and phosvitin phosphopeptides (PPP). The company also specializes in high density lipoproteins, phospholipids, and egg oil produced without using harsh solvents or high temperatures, which denature the proteins.


Micreos Food Safety
Micreos Food Safety develops natural phage products against dangerous bacteria in the food chain and is viewed as product leader in this field. Its brand, PhageGuard, contributes to safer food production by making use of phages, the natural enemy of bacteria. PhageGuard Listex and PhageGuard S are specifically targeted to kill Listeria and Salmonella, leaving the desirable bacteria intact. They are smart, green, and easy to apply on food via spray, mist, or dip. They have no effect on taste, color, texture, or odor of the final product. Approved as a processing aid, phages do not require labelling.


Twenty-five years ago, Lynn A Hesson introduced the idea of popping candy using carbonated crystals. Today, carbonated crystals have become a widely used ingredient in products ranging from drinks to yogurts to chocolate. Hesson is now reinventing crystals as a breakthrough delivery vehicle for nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and other active ingredients. Using an IP (patent pending), PFHIX Crystal delivery is poised to become the "next big thing" in the health products marketplace.


Phytoption LLC
Phytoption LLC, an innovative start-up built on plant-based technologies. The company offers proprietary, clean-label, and sustainable ingredients to the food industry. One of its primary products is clean-label food emulsifier, Floura™, which is a flour-based emulsifier. It offers several major benefits to applications such as color and flavor, dairy, frozen dessert, bakery, meat product, dressing, sauce, cereals, creamer, and beverage. The technical performance of Floura™ supersedes that of most synthetic and natural food emulsifiers.


Renmatix is a leader in the global plant-based technology movement. It has introduced simple cellulose—an ingredient for every day cooking. It is a first-of-its-kind product that offers effective emulsification, texturizing, and humectancy simultaneously for a wide array of food categories. Renmatix’s proprietary Plantrose® process uses only water to deconstruct plants into multi-functional materials that provide allergen-free options to replace eggs, enhance gluten-free products, or extend freshness.


SinnoVita’s Vitero Complex is a customizable bioactive-fortified protein ingredient with superior health and food functionality. Vitero takes advantage of plant bioactive compounds to naturally bind to edible animal or plant-derived proteins to form functional complexes. The technology allows for valuable health promoting and disease preventative active compounds derived from nature to be concentrated into just a small amount of protein matrix, eliminating the need to consume or deliver bioactives in the form of several servings of fruit for example. Sinnovita will tailor this ingredient process to the goals of its customers and license the technology for this purpose. 


Stillwater Specialty Ingredients
Stillwater Specialty Ingredients is focused on introducing cannabis as an ingredient in the business-to-business manufactured foods marketplace. Working with manufacturers to make the integration of hemp CBD (and THC if in Colorado) into food products seamless, Stillwater Specialty Ingredients’ Ripple SC (Soluble Cannabinoids) is a suite of low-calorie, shelf-stable isolated cannabinoid formulations that mix easily into wet or dry food. Suitable for standard commercial food processes and temperatures, Ripple SC is fast-acting and water-soluble, making it possible to integrate cannabinoids into food without impacting flavor profile, consistency, texture or appearance. 


Tastytowne LLC
TastyTowne uses an innovative functional ingredient blend not currently available in the market to create cookies, cakes, and candies with under 2 net carbs per serving, but which perfectly emulate the taste, texture, and mouthfeel of traditional desserts.  Our blend is adaptable to many culinary applications and unprecedented among sugar replacements in achieving taste and chew indistinguishable from foods rich in starch and sugar without the use of maltitol, wheat flour, gluten, or artificial sweeteners.  Our principal nutritional goal in product development is minimization of blood sugar impact.


TreeLife Coco Sugar
TreeLife Coco Sugar has developed several premium coconut products: premium coconut wine that doesn’t have a match in the market. The company also produces a coconut wine vinegar for chef premium cooking. The slow heat virgin coconut oil production is also a potential product. The clarity, smell, and texture is not common among virgin coconut oil producers.


Zea10 LLC
The Zea10 founders used their unique set of interests including crop sustainability, health, active nutrition, and beer brewing to investigate more nutritional and sustainable uses for spent brewer’s grains. The company’s food scientists and engineers developed a patent-pending process to further process spent brewer’s grains into all-natural plant protein and fiber ingredients. Today, Zea10 is purifying brewer’s spent grain into mild tasting soluble plant protein concentrates and isolates as well as fiber ingredients at its recently completed New Jersey facility. It is set to transform the food and active nutrition industries by offering all-natural functional food ingredients, sustainably produced, that are rooted in the beer making process.

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