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First-ever High Protein Crisps with Collagen Hit the Market

ALBERT LEA, Minn. - Zumbro River Brand, Inc. has successfully developed and manufactures Z-Crisps® 60% Protein Pea/Collagen Crisps. This novel crisp product contains 25% collagen and has been designed to provide a delicious high protein crunch for nutrition bars.

Collagen - with its benefits for joint health and skin texture - is a very attractive ingredient for the bar market that has not been previously available in a convenient and enjoyable crisp. The collagen used in Z-Crisps® 60% Pea Protein/Collagen Crisps is enzyme-treated to produce small collagen chains (peptides) which are more easily digested and absorbed into the body.

A Provisional Patent Application has been filed for this Z-Crisps® high protein collagen containing crisp and related products, and for the extrusion process used to produce these collagen containing products.

Now that Z-Crisps® 60% Protein Pea/Collagen Crisps are available for bars, consumers can enjoy their collagen on-the-go while the crunchy texture adds to their enjoyment. Z-Crisps® 60% Protein Pea/Collagen Crisps are very uniform in size, light-textured, stable to conveying or blending, and have a mild pleasant flavor. Ingredients for the product are pea protein, collagen, rice flour, tapioca starch, calcium carbonate and mono glycerides.

Z-Crisps® 60% Protein Pea/Collagen Crisps join the Z-Crisps® line of high protein crisps available which include 70% Whey Protein, 70% Whey Protein with Cocoa, 60% Pea Protein, and Chicory Fiber Crisps. Zumbro River Brand also offers High Protein Snack Bases and Flavored Snacks, as well as Toll Agglomeration and Extrusion Services.

For further information contact Ginny Busch - [email protected] or visit our website -  www.zumbroriverbrand.com

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