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Victory Hemp Foods Announces Two Highly Functional, Proprietary Hemp Ingredients

Victory Hemp Foods Announces Two Highly Functional, Proprietary Hemp Ingredients

Louisville, KYMay 29, 2019—Victory Hemp Foods announces two new highly functional and proprietary hemp ingredients that solve challenges for formulators across a broad range of product applications:  V-70 Hemp ProteinTM and Victory ONETM Hemp Heart Oil.  These two ingredients deliver the nutritional excellence found in hemp while providing neutral flavor and unique formulation characteristics.  Hemp seeds provide complete protein, healthy fatty acids, and minerals at uniquely high levels.

V-70 Hemp ProteinTM is a ground-breaking, neutrally-flavored and white colored hemp protein.  With its neutral flavor, it does not require flavor masking agents. The high water binding capacity of V-70 Hemp Protein also helps new product recipes achieve more with a shorter ingredient list.

V-70 is 70% protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids; it is high in Edestin, the easily digestible primary protein in egg whites. The 12% fat is high in Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.  V-70 also presents at least 25% of RDA for iron, magnesium and zinc per ounce.

Our team is excited to bring to market our V-70 Hemp ProteinTM – from personal experience in our home kitchens we know that many of the plant-based products on the market need better flavor & texture and a simpler ingredients list.  It is exciting to present these ingredient innovations while creating a new market for hemp seeds for US farmers,” explained Chad Rosen, founder and CEO of Victory Hemp Foods. 

Victory ONETM Hemp Heart Oil is a light-colored, mild and nutty-flavored oil, comparable to the flavor of pine nuts that has the same fatty acid profile as cold-pressed hemp oil.  The light, neutral flavor allows Victory ONETM to be used in products ranging from ice cream to skincare and CBD oil products. Victory ONETM  Hemp Heart Oil offers the ideal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids of 3:1.

About Victory Hemp Foods

Victory Hemp Foods specializes in hemp ingredients that offer manufacturers and formulators compelling taste and performance advantages.  The company processes and sells US-grown hemp protein, oil and hearts to manufacturers and formulators in the food and beverage, skin care, pet, CBD, craft beverage and distillery industries; retailers’ private label brands; and foodservice. These proprietary ingredients enable food companies to create better foods and as a result unlock the value of the hemp seed for all of us.  Victory contracts for hemp seed production solely with American farmers to create highly functional, non-GMO, healthy hemp ingredients.

CONTACT:  Chris Bailey, Chief Operating Officer, Victory Hemp Foods; (m) 802.522.9106; Customer Service 502.230.3221; www.victoryhempfoods.com

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