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IFT17 exhibitors address nutritional needs

May 10, 2017
Nutrition Needs - Fiber

“Go with Purpose” is this year’s IFT17 theme. For attendees, this means come with questions, ideas, curiosity, and knowledge. You will be sure to find answers to your questions and innovations that will aid in product development in nutritional formulations. You will also be certain to gain more insight into new U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations and labeling laws that affect your formulation and marketing activities. This sampling of educational sessions and exhibitor highlights shows that IFT17 will be a winning source for your nutritional needs.

Dietary Fiber: Have questions about the new U.S. regulatory requirements for dietary fiber? More information and insights will be available in session 012, “A Global Overview of Dietary Fiber Regulations: Facts and Impacts, Part 1,” on Monday, June 26, from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Attendees will gain knowledge about the new dietary fiber definition as well as the list of acceptable fibers, which includes beta-glucan, psyllium husk, cellulose, guar gum, pectin, locust bean gum, and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

Part 2 of the dietary fiber discussion, session 030, will take place on Monday, June 26, from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. This will include more open dialogue on the FDA dietary fiber rule. Topics will include the addition or omission of nondigestible carbohydrates as dietary fiber, the impact of the new ruling on consumers meeting dietary fiber recommendations, and a review of the differences among dietary fiber regulations in the United States, Canada, and other countries. At the IFT food expo, attendees can find ingredients and more insight on how to comply with the new dietary fiber regulations by July 2018 and 2019.

Confirmed by the FDA qualify as a dietary fiber under its new, more stringent definition, Sunfiber guar fiber is a soluble, transparent, tasteless, truly regulating dietary fiber. Its healthful benefits are backed by more than 100 clinical studies and Health Canada–approved health claims related to treating symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and intestinal issues related to childhood constipation. Sunfiber has low viscosity, is stable at various pH levels, and is resistant to heat, acid, and digestive enzymes.

In other news, Taiyo has a newly branded ingredient, Whole Green Coffee Powder, which is labeled as “whole green coffee beans,” not caffeine. This 100% natural, organic-certified, whole, unroasted bean is bound together with the fiber, offering five to six hours of slow-release, steady energy. The fine mesh Whole Green Coffee Powder is perfect for use in cereals, bars, dairy, juice, protein, and smoothie applications. The company’s new partnership with Benexia gives it exclusive distribution of its new omega-3 chia oil throughout North America. Produced via XIA PURE Ox Blocker, this proprietary process guarantees significantly improved stability, extended shelf life, and a superior quality chia seed oil for use in foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.
Taiyo International, www.taiyointernational.com, Booth 4432

Smart, healthier snacks that are in line with current consumer trends will be presented under the theme, “A Better Day with BENEO.” Snacks have taken center stage in consumers’ preferences, with 90% of consumers snacking multiple times throughout the day and 7% of consumers even foregoing meals altogether in favor of all-day snacking. BENEO offers a versatile portfolio of ingredients to improve a snack product’s nutritional profile and add proven health benefits.

Nutrition Needs - Protein Bar

By replacing high-glycemic sugars, BENEO’s prebiotic chicory fiber and the slow-release carbohydrate Palatinose (isomaltulose) help support a healthier metabolism, which effectively helps to manage weight. Palatinose is a slow-release carbohydrate that provides full energy in a sustained way. The generic name is isomaltulose, which is also naturally found in honey. Including chicory root fiber in snack products helps to cut sugar and calories and adds a valuable source of prebiotic fiber. Scientific studies show that BENEO’s chicory root fiber beneficially influences the gut microbiome and improves wellbeing. Digestive health, regularity, overall well-being, and feeling fuller for longer are the main benefits consumers associate with fiber.

Visitors to the booth can taste nutritious cereal and protein bars enriched with the prebiotic fiber inulin. One of them is gluten-free, has no allergens, and supports weight management. It is made with natural ingredients and contains 7 g of fiber and only 2 g of sugar.
BENEO, www.beneo.com, Booth 4023