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Catch up on food safety and quality at IFT18

July 12, 2018

The IFT18 annual event and Food Expo will include a Food Safety and Quality Pavilion that will feature vendors offering options and solutions for food safety and quality. The following are brief descriptions of some exhibitors offering products for food safety and quality.

POLYARCHNew technology transforms gas chromatographs. The Polyarc system (above) combines catalysis with chemical analysis and features a catalytic microreactor that enhances gas chromatographs with flame ionization detectors. The catalytic microreactor converts all organic compounds to methane molecules before they are detected by a flame ionization detector. This reduces the need for calibrations, improves sensitivity and accuracy, and provides universal carbon detection. Activated Research Company, activatedresearch.com, Booth N6920

High quality testing is possible with quick turnaround. ALS provides microbial, chemical, and nutritional food safety testing at all stages of processing. The laboratory’s services include pathogen detection, shelf life determination, water activity, pesticides, mycotoxins, adulterant detection, and nutrition analysis for nutrition labels. ALS’s laboratory facilities are accredited to ISO 17025. ALS, alsglobal.com, Booth S4738

Clean equipment with dry ice technology. The i3 MicroClean cleans and decontaminates intricate cavities of equipment with food-grade dry ice. With patented shaved dry-ice technology, the system eliminates the need for chemicals, wire brushes, and abrasive pads. The product can remove bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli and reduce cross-contamination from common food allergens. Cold Jet, coldjet.com, Booth S3453

Measure vapor pressure of low-volatility liquids. The Grabner Instruments Minivap VPL Vision (above) is a completely automatic analyzer that tests chemicals with a vapor pressure of less than 5 kPa in temperatures ranging from 0° C to 120° C. Requiring only 1 mL of sample per test, the device measures food, flavor, and fragrance products with precision. AMETEK Petrolab Co., petrolab.com, Booth S205

High-quality instruments for testing physical properties and quality of materials are C.W. Brabender’s specialty. The company creates instruments for testing materials used by the milling, baking, and starch industries and is an industry leader in food extrusion. The company’s new GlutoPeak measures gluten aggregation in minutes and is simple to use. C.W. Brabender, www.cwbrabender.com, Booth S815

Pocket-sized meter accurately measures Brix. The PAL-Hikari (below) is a compact Brix meter that measures the sugar level of fruits by simply placing a fruit on the sample stage. It can also provide accurate reading without needing to cut or squeeze the fruit, thereby eliminating the need to wipe the instrument after each measurement. The PAL-Hikari is pocket-sized. Atago USA, atago.net/USA, Booth S638

Increase productivity with quick analysis. LECO Corp.'s TGM800 Thermogravimetric Moisture Determinator measures moisture content with the primary loss-on-drying method. The instrument offers time-saving features such as the ability to measure 16 samples at a time. LECO also offers the Pegasus BT 4D (above), a tool that utilizes high-performance thermal modulation to identify unknown analytes in food samples. LECO Corp., leco.com, Booth S234

Easily document procedures for food safety standards. The Matrix Gemini Environmental Monitoring system (above) provides a framework for documenting procedures to meet food safety standards. It features graphical trending that provides an early warning of sanitation problems before they become violations. The platform also produces documentary evidence that a company is meeting food safety standards pertaining to the Food Safety Modernization Act, Current Good Manufacturing Practices, and HACCP. Autoscribe Informatics, autoscribeinformatics.com, Booth N700

NOVOLYZEMicrobes that mimic pathogens streamline safety testing. The SurroNov range is a set of ready-to-use surrogate bacteria that mimic the inactivation of foodborne pathogens under various kinds of stress. The microbes can be used to test the efficacy of microbial intervention processes such as extrusion, pasteurization, and roasting. Requiring no enrichment before inoculation, these bacteria facilitate the testing of microbial intervention procedures before they are commissioned. Novolyze, novolyze.com, Booth S5322

New device simplifies quality control. The QuikCheck-BCU at-line analyzer (above) for baked goods determines the brownness of baked products (i.e., the baking contrast unit) to ensure product consistency. The device measures the smallest discernible change in color that could be perceived by the human eye. The QuikCheck-BCU also analyzes moisture value to further ensure product consistency. Process Sensors Corp., processsensors.com, Booth S431

A suite of software products analyzes nutrition and makes labels. The Genesis R&D Food Analysis and Labeling software analyzes the nutritional content of product recipes and generates government-compliant nutrition facts panels. The program automatically builds ingredient and allergen statements and features HACCP guidelines. It also generates barcodes for labels. A similar software program now exists for the supplement industry. ESHA Research Inc., esha.com, Booths S1704, S1705

Powder tester has patented methodology. The FT4 Powder Rheometer uses automated shear cells and a series of bulk property tests to quantify powder behavior, including flow. This rheometer works complementarily with the Uniaxial Powder Tester, which provides accurate measurement of the uniaxial unconfined yield strength of a powder. For both instruments, results are easy to interpret and reliable. Freeman Technology, freemantech.co.uk, Booth S4673

INTERTEKIndustrial thermometers deliver accuracy. A leader in precise thermometry offers its next generation of handheld thermometers: the 931B and 932B (above) datalogging thermometers. Both combine temperature, time, and location into one simple device. The 931B and 932B feature 1000-hour battery life, one-hand operation, Bluetooth connectivity, and free access to the TEGAM cloud. TEGAM Inc., tegam.com, Booth N7307

Analytical testing lab specializes in natural products. Intertek’s nutraceutical center in Champaign, Ill., specializes in analyzing dietary supplements and natural products. The laboratory’s services include determining chemical composition of a broad range of botanicals with techniques such as high-performance thin-layer chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography, and liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry. This laboratory has at its disposal various methodologies to meet analytical testing needs. Intertek, intertek.com, Booth S5221

There is a new alternative in the protein sector. The In Vitro Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score is a service from Medallion Labs that safely measures the protein quality of alternative proteins in finished products. The method reduces cost and turnaround times, delivers high accuracy and correlation, and eliminates the need to use animal feeding studies. Medallion Labs also provides chemical analysis, dietary fiber testing, microbiological analysis, and shelf life studies. Medallion Labs, medlabs.com, Booth S826

Obtain accurate measurements of moisture content in seconds. TEWS Elektronik produces instruments that accurately determine moisture content and density, facilitating better process control and quality assurance. The MW 4300 measures moisture content in product samples without sample preparation. Designed for the lab or a process line, the MW 1150 (left) is a compact instrument that provides microwave moisture measurement in less than a second. And the MW 4260/70 is designed for rapid moisture analysis on a process line. TEWS of America Corp., tews-elektronik.com, Booth S342

Vendor offers more than 150 analytical methods. The Nestlé Quality Assurance Center Dublin utilizes more than 150 analytical methods to test raw ingredients and finished food and beverage products. The facility provides nutritional analysis, chemical analysis, allergen tests, and GMO testing. Laboratory staff are also qualified to test for spoilage microbes in raw ingredients and finished products. Nestlé Quality Assurance Center Dublin, nqacdublin.com, Booth N6707

THERMOFISHERAnalysis of foods and beverages can be automated. The Gallery Automated Photometric Analyzer (left) provides colorimetric, enzymatic, and electrochemical measurements in a compact design. The analyzer has a capacity of 200 tests per hour, detects very low levels in samples, provides automated analysis for all steps, and prevents contamination. Thermo Fisher Scientific, thermofisher.com, Booth S420

Accredited laboratory offers range of testing services. NP Analytical Laboratories offers accredited product and ingredient testing services. With experienced chemists and microbiologists on staff, the laboratory’s services range from evaluating product concepts to verifying the safety of products. NP Analytical Laboratories, npal.com, Booth S1067

High-performance NIR instrument is also easy to use. The Spectrum Two N FT-NIR spectrometer is a high-performance, transportable Fourier transform near-infrared system that provides reliable near-infrared analyses. The easy-to-use device features a portable instrument with optimized plug-and-play sampling accessories and modules along with a comprehensive software platform. The instrument also boasts wireless connectivity and battery-powered operation. PerkinElmer, perkinelmer.com, Booth S4660

Upgrade the performance of laboratory services. Waters Corp. is a leader in providing solutions for food testing laboratories by delivering scientific innovation to make significant enhancements. The company helps its clients optimize laboratory operations, make profound discoveries, and comply with regulatory guidelines. Its portfolio includes analytical science, laboratory informatics, mass spectrometry, and thermal analysis. Waters Corp., waters.com, Booth S5214

New refractometers deliver precise results. The RFM-M series of refractometers (left) are durably built and feature four-inch color displays, alphanumeric keypads, comprehensive measurement of several parameters, significant data storage, and built-in library of more than 20 recognized scales. Complex models in the series also feature Peltier temperature control and audit trails with electronic signatures. Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem Analytics Brand, belling hamandstanley.com, Booth S731