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Deep dive into dairy ingredients

June 15, 2018
IFT18 Food Expo DairyDairy products and ingredients have many functionalities and are used to address a range of formulation requirements. In its neutral-tasting concentrate and isolate forms, dairy adds protein to bars and workout drinks, and in liquid form, it provides creaminess to beverages and desserts. As butter, it offers richness and enhances crispiness and browning, and in cheese form, it boosts savoriness and flavor. As far as nutrition is concerned, dairy products and ingredients are rich in protein and minerals such as calcium and can be used to boost the nutritional profile of different kinds of food and beverage products.

INNOVATING WITH ITS customers in mind
, Idaho Milk Products developed IdaPlus 1085, a highly functional protein that functions in many applications. Created using the company’s proprietary process, IdaPlus 1085, an enhanced 85% milk protein, offers great value in applications such as high-protein ice cream, high-protein coffee, and ready-to-drink beverages, according to the company.

IdaPlus 1085 is produced from fresh, pasteurized skim milk using a low-heat membrane filtration process to ensure that the protein is undenatured and remains highly nutritional and includes casein and whey proteins in the same unaltered ratio as in milk. It has a clean, sweet dairy flavor and aroma as well as excellent solubility and emulsifying capacities, delivering improved texture and hydration compared with typical MPC and MPI ingredients, according to the company.
Idaho Milk Products, idahomilkproducts.com, Booth S3822

VISIT MILK SPECIALTIES Global booth to sample fizzique sparkling water made with PRObev heat-stable whey protein isolate. Milk Specialties Global, one of the leading companies creating high-end, value-added milk and whey protein ingredients, will showcase innovative dairy protein ingredients and a finished product with the potential to revolutionize the protein drinks category. Try fizzique in its newest flavors: Tropical Limon and Strawberry Watermelon. Both formulas contain 20 g of whey protein, and are sweetened with sucralose, so they have only 80 calories per can and zero carbs.

The company will serve bars made with BARsoft, a functional protein designed to provide a soft texture, optimal sensory experience, and extended shelf life in high protein bars. Each bar contains 15 g of protein/60 g serving. BARsoft reduces moisture migration in the ingredients, resulting in significantly reduced browning and hardening over the shelf life of the bar, according to the company.
Milk Specialties Global, milkspecialties.com, Booth S4238

AS ONE OF the leaders in manufacturing innovative cheese ingredients, Ornua Ingredients North America will highlight the functionalities of some of its key ingredients. Learn about its one-of-a-kind, patent-pending clean label @Home Cheese that is said to provide bold flavor, premium quality, and superior stability. The company is promoting the ingredient as one that meets the demand for clean, but functional cheese. Ornua Ingredients will showcase its Cheddariffic cheese ingredient. Cheddariffic delivers rich flavors and a clean label to soup, sauce, and dip applications. The company is also introducing its newest Restricted Melt, which is pumpable and extrudable, and lends itself to the manufacturing needs around appetizers, snacks, and other handheld foods. With the opening of its new state-of-the-art dicing and shredding facility in Wisconsin, the company now provides a more manufacturing-friendly, ready-to-use cheese for its customers.
Ornua Ingredients North America, ornuaingredientsnorthamerica.com, Booth S2183

DAIRY, CHEESE, AND lipid ingredients will deliver the widest possible range of functional attributes
where convenience is a premium. These ingredients from CoreFX Ingredients will satisfy the consumer demands for better-for-you foods.

The company prides itself on being value-added dry dairy experts and uses its dairy heritage to create authentic dry butter, cheese, creams, and cultured dairy that are available organic, non-GM, kosher, halal, and rBST-free. Its ingredients are clean label, fully traceable, and full of protein, micronutrients, and flavor that can be used in a wide variety of applications, according to the company.
CoreFX Ingredients, corefxingredients.com, Booth S1178

SINCE ITS FOUNDING in 1954, Saputo has been a producer and supplier of dairy ingredients and products, which are now sold in more than 40 countries. It sells its own branded products as well as products labeled under its retail and foodservice customers’ brand names. The company has cheese and dairy divisions in Canada and the United States. These divisions produce, market, and distribute various cheese and dairy products. The company also manufactures dairy ingredients, including milk powder, whey powder, and whey protein concentrates.
Saputo, saputo.com, Booth S3962

MAYASAN IS A manufacturer and supplier of ingredients and equipment for the dairy industry. The company’s products are consumed on five continents and in more than 70 countries. Experienced personnel, R&D investments, strategic partnerships, excellent logistics, and customer services are behind this success, according to Mayasan.

The company offers three types of coagulants/rennets to meet different kinds of needs: calf rennet, microbial rennet, and 100% fermentation-produced chymosin. To meet the needs of the dairy industry, the company provides preservatives such as pimaricin, nisin, and lysozyme, as well as colorants such as chlorophyll and annatto. Mayasan also offers Twinsensor antibiotic test kits and Milkana milk analyzers.
Mayasan, mayasan.com, Booth N6907