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Exceeding expectations for food safety and quality

June 18, 2018

Producing safe, high-quality products that retain their flavor over time is a top goal for any food and beverage manufacturer. The IFT18 exhibiting companies in this category work to provide safety and quality ingredient solutions to prevent premature staling, mold and microbial growth, and flavor degradation so that manufacturers can present consistent, stable products again and again. Learn about the various functionalities of these ingredients as well as options that allow manufacturers to produce products that have the simple, clean labels that some consumers desire.

MEET LABELING GOALS without sacrificing shelf life. Kemin's formulation expertise and an extensive portfolio of shelf-life solutions can help manufacturers meet label claims that give consumers what they are seeking.

Kemin Fortium RVC Rosemary ExtractThe company will introduce several new ingredients at IFT18. FORTIUM RVC, a combination of rosemary extract and ascorbic acid, helps complete the Kemin line of antioxidants, with solutions ranging from traditional synthetics and tocopherols to cleaner label and naturally sourced shelf-life solutions. This new ingredient offers superior suspension ability in oils over the competitor, resulting in a longer shelf life, according to the company.

BactoCEASE NV is a portfolio of vinegar-based ingredients, which are part of the Kemin line of food safety solutions that protect against foodborne pathogens and spoilage bacteria. New organic varieties, as well as a higher-concentration formula, have been added to the line. These new versions are label friendly and offer a clean flavor, while extending the shelf life of ready-to-eat meats, fresh meat and poultry, and fish products.
Kemin Food Technologies, kemin.com, Booth S3055

IT’S INEVITABLE THAT the quality of fresh food deteriorates with time due in part to the auto-oxidation of lipids by which free radicals are produced, impacting flavor, aroma, texture, and nutritional quality. Antioxidants prolong the shelf life of food by delaying the oxidation process.

ROSEMARY EXTRACTS, which are widely used as natural antioxidants, pose challenges when extending shelf life as they impart flavor, aroma, and color to the end application. OxiKan CL, developed by Kancor Ingredients, helps to overcome this problem. Being a highly refined, completely decolorized, deodorized, and deflavored extract of rosemary, it does not impart any flavor, aroma, and color to the end application, according to the company. It consists of selective nonpolar antioxidant molecules, which makes it ideal for applications that are sensitive to aroma, color, and flavor like fats and omega-3–fortified products and beverages.
Kancor Ingredients, kancor.com, Booth S256

AN EXPANDED PLANT-BASED antioxidant line is now available from Camlin Fine Sciences. The company added acerola and green tea ingredients to the NaSure line, which now features more than 30 blends. The company promotes its NaSure ingredients as natural alternatives to traditional shelf-life extensions. They are available in both liquid and dry versions and protect against oxidation (due to a unique phenolic composition) while meeting the growing consumer demand for cleaner labels. Applications for NaSure include processed meats, poultry, seafood, baked goods, fats, oils, cereal, sauces, dressings, seasonings, snacks, and nuts. Camlin Fine Sciences uses its application lab to run tests on different formulations for products to determine the best formula for each application.
Camlin Fine Sciences, camlinfs.com, Booth S4416

FUNCTIONAL BLENDS, FLAVORS, and antimicrobials from Hawkins that address the overall challenges surrounding shelf-life issues in the food industry will be featured at the food expo. The company’s specialties include clean label, functional, and natural blends. Its natural, clean label antimicrobials include certified organic vinegar and vinegar–dry. Its BindTite line of functional blends addresses color and flavor oxidation suppression and microbial and pathogen control in starch and hydrocolloid systems, starch systems for multi-step processing, and specialty protein products. The company’s NatBind ingredients are an alternative to phosphates and are said to help improve texture, improve moisture retention and fat stability, and slow the rate of oxidation.
Hawkins, hawkinsinc.com/groups/food-ingredients, Booth S1436

PLANT EXTRACTS CAN provide protective benefits to meat and poultry products while replacing synthetic preservatives. Naturex produces Cleanatis M1 and Cleanatis M2, synergistic blends of plant extracts that prevent the growth of common foodborne pathogens in meat. Cleanatis M1 is a combination of rosemary and citrus extracts that prevents the growth of Listeria while Cleanatis M2 is a blend of rosemary and acerola extracts along with buffered vinegar that controls the growth of Salmonella. Naturex scientists conducted tests with the ingredients, and the results showed that Cleanatis M1 and Cleanatis M2 are effective replacements for synthetic antimicrobials such as sodium lactate, sodium acetate, and nitrites used in meat and poultry products. What’s more, the company reports that the ingredients do not affect the organoleptic properties of meat and poultry products. Naturex, naturex.com, Booth S2443