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Power up with plant-based protein

July 17, 2018


Protein ingredients are derived from both animal and plant sources, but it is the plant-based proteins that are the current product development darlings. Pulses, peas, rice, soy, hemp, and more are processed into a variety of protein ingredients that offer functionalities and nutrients to bakery, beverage, snack, pasta, and many other product categories.  

Learn about one of the newest plant-based protein ingredients (so new it is still in initial production stages) at the IFTNext Start-Up Alley. There, Zea10 LLC will feature Beretein, a barley/rice protein isolate produced from brewery spent grains. Representatives from the company will be on hand to discuss the benefits of the ingredient and to talk about AquaProcessing, the water-based technology used to produce it. 

Axiom Foods (booth S4456) is set to showcase various product concepts with several different plant-based proteins. Stop by to try brownies made with VegOTein pea protein. Another sweet treat comes in the form of truffles made with Cannatein Plus hemp protein. There are also ice pops made with Oryzatein brown rice protein. Thirsty? Quench your thirst with an oat and rice milk beverage. 

Pulse protein ingredients provide a number of beneficial functionalities that solve product development challenges. PLT Health Solutions (booth S1826) will highlight chickpea protein. This plant protein concentrate provides the taste, texture, and mouthfeel qualities that dairy proteins do, according to the company. Specifically, the company points out that the ingredient has excellent water and oil binding capabilities and can make high protein loading possible. The powder has small, uniform particle size and is white in color. Something else that manufacturers may find appealing about the ingredient is that it is a drop-in replacement for dairy proteins. Try it in hummus, cookie, and chai latte product concepts. 

Stop by MGP Ingredients booth (S1053), where specialty wheat proteins will be highlighted. These include Arise Wheat Protein Isolates and TruTex Plant-Based Textured Wheat Proteins. TruTex functions well as a meat substitute, and the company will demonstrate the ingredient’s qualities in samples of Vegetarian BBQ Beef Sliders.  

PURIS (booth S2306) takes yellow field peas and turns them into functional ingredients such as pea protein isolates that can improve textural qualities of foods and beverages while adding beneficial nutrients. For example, the nondairy yogurt that the company will serve has the creamy mouthfeel and texture that corn starch and gums would provide with 10 grams of protein per serving.