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Sampling the IFT18 Food Expo, Part 2

July 16, 2018

macaroni and cheese

Part of what attendees at food shows find fun is all of the food and beverage product concepts that tantalize their taste buds. The product concepts served during the IFT18 food expo also demonstrate the various functions of ingredients of all sorts. Stop by the following booths to try innovative samples, and walk the full expo floor to discover many more for yourself. 

• Learn about on-trend fats and oils for bakery, confectionery, and dairy while sampling product concepts made with some of these ingredients from AAK (booth S2438). Indulge your sweet tooth with fudge brownies and no-trans-fat icing and reduced saturated fat fig and sweet potato scones. For a cool sweet treat, try the creamy, nondairy, vanilla-flavored soft-serve frozen dessert and nondairy chocolate sauce. 

Visit DSM (booth S2849) to experience what the company is calling better and healthier breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack product concepts. There’s strawberry milk with DHA and natural colors and cold-brewed coffee with DHA and an antioxidant premix. Also on the menu are macaroni and cheese and grilled chicken with an Asian cuisineinspired flavor. A beauty water beverage concept is formulated with vitamin E and biotin, while frozen yogurt features natural colors and a nutritional premix. Finally, make sure to try the sugar-reduced yogurts and desserts. 

SANTE tomato-based flavor enhancer and CTC Clear Tomato Concentrate help formulators reduce sodium but keep the full salt taste consumers want. LycoRed (booth S4605) will feature these ingredients in product concepts created by Charlie Baggs, chef and president of Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations. Enjoy savory and flavorful soups, such as carrot and apple and Tom Yum, as well as a tasty roasted red pepper sauce. 

• A Unicorn Ice Cream Roll, an eye-catching product concept from Naturex (booth S2443), is formulated with Ice Blue and Beetroot Vegebrite Natural Colors and turmeric extract to create a stunning rainbow effect. 

• Ohly (booth S0755) will serve a reduced-sodium Coconut Ginger Pasta made with Ohly FLAV-R-MAX and PROVESTA 512 and a kimchi-inspired snack mix formulated with PRODRY Cayenne Pepper and PRODRY White Distilled Vinegar Powder. 

• Watson (booth S2813) will introduce three premixes at the food expo, which it has formulated into bar product concepts. The specially formulated premixes contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and are made using Watson’s microencapsulation technology to mask off- flavors associated with certain nutrients. The Barilliant Bar contains a custom premix with nutrients that target brain health, while the Get Up Bar is fortified with nutrients for sustained energy. The third bar, Earth Bar, features a premix consisting entirely of nutrients from plant-based sources, such as sweet potato flour, acerola cherry extract, mushroom powder, and vitamin E from sunflowers.