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June 2-5, 2019 | New Orleans, LA
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Specialty ingredients shine at IFT18

June 15, 2018

IFT18 Ingredient Exhibitors

TODAY’S CONSUMERS EXPECT products with clean labels but are not willing to compromise on taste. Kerry, which bills itself as “The Taste & Nutrition Company,” is responding with better, more authentic, and nutritious taste experiences, bringing its strong food heritage, global insights, marketplace knowledge, and culinary and applications expertise to deliver solutions that meet consumers’ needs. From providing authentic taste with sustainable ingredients to reducing sugar in better-for-you applications, Kerry is leading the way to delivering great taste with clean labels.
Kerry, kerry.com, Booth S2213

FOR MANY OF today’s consumers, food is all about getting back to nature and simplicity. Diana Food will showcase natural solutions dedicated to the savory, sweet, and beverage markets. The company will present its new soft pieces in a chocolate bar and a muffin. It will highlight its natural coloring solutions in ice cream and candies. Booth visitors can also try an energy drink formulated with acerola, carrot, and coconut water ingredients.

For savory products, the focus is on the company’s taste capabilities. From fresh to culinary notes, its soup, broth, and preparations from organic and clean label ranges will make food feel like it is homemade. At the IFT food expo, the company will present for the first time ingredients from its new chicken processing plant, which is based in Georgia. Made from humanely raised birds, the ingredients (chicken broth, powders, and fats) will be formulated into various product concepts.
Diana Food, diana-food.com, Booth S1549

ADM IS AN industry-leading specialty ingredients provider offering an ever-expanding catalog of flavorful, colorful, functional, nutritious, and whole-food ingredients. These include plant-based proteins, sweetening solutions, health and wellness ingredients, and much more. Whether it is a single ingredient, custom ingredient blend, or a complete product solution, the company’s ingredient experts can help its customers get to market faster with great-tasting, nutritious foods that consumers will purchase time and time again.
ADM, adm.com, Booth 1202

CUSTOMERS WITH PRODUCT development challenges can visit the booth of ICL Food Specialties to learn about the company’s various ingredient solutions. On-trend innovation is on the menu as visitors can sample product concepts that are vegan, reduced sodium, simple label, or formulated with alternative proteins.

Novel product concepts will highlight ICL Food Specialties’ expertise in protein ingredients. Try a creamy, vegan beer cheese soup featuring BEKAPLUS DV 180. Top it off with crunchy quinoa croutons featuring the BEKABAKE CB 200 binding system, or add some meatless bacon made with the ROVITARIS system. Clean label sodium reduction will be demonstrated in meat solutions with TARI COMBI PP1 and SALONA Sea Salt. A protein drink containing BEKAPLUS BP 800 will be offered as well.
ICL Food Specialties, iclfood.com, Booth S2049

CIRANDA WILL PRESENT new organic ingredients as well as others from its portfolio of clean label, on-trend, organic, and non-GM ingredients.
Organic cassava flour has a neutral flavor and soft texture and is a preferred flour to use in gluten-free bakery applications, according to the company. Ciranda’s fine, extra fine, and toasted cassava flour varieties are certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. The flour provides texture in gluten-free bakery and snacks and acts as a thickener in soups and sauces. The Jerusalem artichoke, a root vegetable, has a high concentration of inulin fiber. The whole roots are shredded, dried, and milled to produce the company’s organic Jerusalem artichoke flour. The flour has an earthy, nutty, and slightly sweet flavor.

Ciranda has expanded its organic coconut ingredient line to include organic coconut milk powder with 45% and 65% fat contents. Coconut milk powder is used in many of the same applications as fluid coconut milk, such as sauces, frozen desserts, prepared meals, and beverages. It is also suitable for dry applications like nutritional powders or drink mixes. Finally, the company added organic brown rice syrup and clarified brown rice syrup to its portfolio. With a variety of dextrose equivalency (DE) levels, organic brown rice syrups provide numerous functions (depending on application), including sweetness, body, binding, freeze-point depression, softness, and browning.
Ciranda, ciranda.com, Booth S4331

SAMPLE CHEF-CREATED BITES inspired by world cuisines and featuring Mizkan America’s organic vinegars, peppers, and denatured spirits at the Mizkan booth. Each day of the expo, the company will feature a different flavorful bite in the morning and in the afternoon. Mizkan will also feature a refreshing shrub drink each day to complement the menu. Mizkan’s peppers include diced and pureed jalapeños, green and red chiles, chipotles, tomatillos, and poblano peppers. The denatured spirits line consists of dark and light rum, French brandy, tequila, bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and moonshine. Mizkan’s organic vinegar line includes apple cider, white distilled, balsamic, red wine, rice, and white wine vinegars. All of the company’s vinegars are crafted using a carefully curated technique developed by a family-owned company with more than 200 years of vinegar brewing expertise.
Mizkan America, mizkan.com, Booth S2240

AS CLEANER LABELS and plant-based products become more popular, Emsland Group is targeting the growing health and wellness segment by specializing in the production, application, and supply of plant-based ingredients. The company manufactures plant-based ingredients from renewable raw materials, including potatoes and peas. The company offers a diverse ingredient portfolio of vegetable proteins, clean label and modified starches, fibers, and potato flakes and granules for use in a wide variety of food formulations. These ingredients can be used in gluten-free formulations and vegan products, and they can be used to enrich the fiber content of food products. The company will showcase its Empro line of pea protein isolates, Empure range of clean label ingredients, and its latest innovation, Emden ET 50, a modified food starch suitable for vegan confectionery applications.
Emsland Group, emsland-group.de/e, Booth S4449

IMAGINE DOING MORE to create trend- and consumer-connected products that stand out in the marketplace thanks to ingredients that create appeal. Together, Ingredion, TIC Gums, and Kerr Concentrates help their customers overcome formulation challenges in the areas of clean label, health and nutrition, sensory experience, affordability, and convenience and performance.

Visitors to the booth will experience how to formulate simpler, less processed foods and beverages with ingredients that consumers recognize with new NOVATION PRIMA organic functional native starches and HOMECRAFT Create multi-functional rice, tapioca, and pulse flours. Other ingredients are liquid NUTRAFLORA scFOS prebiotic fibers, VITESSENCE clean-taste pulse proteins, and a new 80% pea protein isolate. Reduce more sugar than ever before with leaf-based BESTEVIA Reb M, Reb D, and cost-optimized ENLITEN Fusion stevia sweeteners. Product developers can replace ingredients such as fast-digesting carbohydrates with SUSTRA slowly digestible carbohydrate to offer more of the sustained energy consumers want. Visit the booth to learn how to set new standards of appeal with tastes and textures that consumers can love.
Ingredion, ingredion.us, Booth S2131

NEW PRODUCT APPLICATIONS for the dairy, bakery, and beverages industries are planned from SensoryEffects, a Balchem company. Look for on-site demonstrations that show the solutions for these customer-focused applications. Improving nutrition and convenience are the themes for Balchem at this year’s food expo.

For the beverage industry, Balchem will present “Generational Nutrition” with a special focus on children’s nutrition and will feature better-tasting plant-based options. The company will also introduce capabilities for the dairy industry beyond ice cream. The bakery industry can look forward to the Fall 2019 Feature Flavors launch at the booth for inclusions that bring on-trend flavors for autumn-inspired tastes.
SensoryEffects, sensoryeffects.com, Booth S1038