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June 2-5, 2019 | New Orleans, LA
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Color, flavor ingredients abound at IFT19: Part I

May 10, 2019

photo courtesy of CallisonsAs more consumers look to manufacturers to create products free from artificial ingredients, high-quality naturally derived colorings and flavorings are more important than ever. Advances in technology, new regulatory approvals, and innovative production methods mean that manufacturers of colorings can now provide bright, vibrant, true-to-life hues for all manner of applications, from confectionery and ice creams to soups and sauces, while allowing consumers to feel good about what they buy. Flavor chemists influenced by the latest trends for global flavors, bold flavors, and even the fusion of flavors create flavorings that tap into these trends. Expect to see product concepts at the food expo that feature flavorings that capture the nuances of ingredients and foods from the Mediterranean region, Asia, and Latin America, areas associated with three of the most popular cuisines today.

The team of expert flavorists at Callisons developed a unique line of flavors designed to give food and beverage products a competitive advantage. Use the Callisons Versa line to enhance, mask, or add signature notes to beverage, confection, and bakery products. The line features six natural ingredient solutions. VersaMint elevates, enhances, and accentuates the flavor of products while VersaMask reduces and masks off-notes. VersaBoost increases sweetness impact, VersaSmooth reduces burn and astringency, and VersaSense adds sensations like mouthwatering and cooling. Finally, VersaFull improves a product’s overall body and mouthfeel. The Versa ingredients can be incorporated into new and existing flavors. Callisons, callisons.com, Booth 1052

Butter Buds Food Ingredients offers food manufacturers and specialty food companies on-trend, better-for-you concentrated dairy flavors and other flavor ingredients needed to succeed in today’s food and beverage marketplace. While at the booth, sample several product concepts created with a New Orleans flair to showcase the latest dairy alternative, plant-based flavor ingredients, along with a sampling of organic and clean label flavor solutions. Buttery Chicken Curry, a nondairy entree, will feature 0.83% Non-Dairy Buds Ghee Type (49505) and 0.19% Non-Dairy Buds Asia (49518). Keto Bites will feature 0.38% Non-Dairy Butter Flavor (49504) and 0.38% Butter Buds 8x Non-Dairy LD (49380) while Malted Bark with Pecans will be formulated with 0.25% Butter Buds Sautéed Butter Flavor (Natural) (66927). An Iced Kringle will feature 0.40% Natural Ghee Buds (66896). Butter Buds Food Ingredients, butterbuds.com, Booth 1434

A line of GFSI Certified natural and synthetic colors are available from Aakash Chemicals through its subsidiary, Calico Food Ingredients. Calico Food Ingredients offers more than 1,000 custom ingredients, including powder blends, liquids, and oil dispersions. Aakash Chemicals offers non-genetically modified, naturally derived flavor enhancers from SciTech Ingredients. The flavor enhancers can be used in beverages, baked goods, protein shakes, nutrition bars, candy, and more. Aakash Chemicals, Calico Food Ingredients, calico.ca, Booth 5552

Eliminate titanium dioxide with a new Innophos solution that provides the whiteness and refractory properties of titanium dioxide while adding nutritional benefits such as calcium fortification. Titanium dioxide is widely used in the food industry to achieve whiter and brighter color and to extend shelf life in foods that are sensitive to UV light. However, as consumers have become increasingly concerned about potential health and environmental risks associated with titanium dioxide, food manufacturers are taking the initiative to find safer alternatives. Innophos has responded to this industry challenge with a science-backed solution to replace titanium dioxide in confectionery, dairy, and bakery applications. Innophos, innophos.com, Booth 256

Edlong offers a complete portfolio of flavors that provide the taste consumers expect while adding mouthfeel and richness of character. Edlong continues to reimagine how the taste of dairy provides unique and delicious benefits to both dairy and plant-based applications. The company reports that its flavors can play a significant role in satisfying consumer demand for permissible indulgence by improving taste profiles with flavor balance while imparting richness in better-for-you applications. Additionally, Edlong flavors support creativity in both new and familiar applications, as well as help maintain the taste integrity of a gold standard product, according to the company. Edlong, edlong.com, Booth 2435

EMD Performance Materials’ Candurin NXT Silver Blossom is an ingredient that gives a pearl effect that is sure to be noticed. The silver pearl effect is based on substrate silica, and the mineral platelets let colors shine smoother, purer, and whiter than existing silver colors, reports the company. Candurin NXT Silver Blossom can be used in snacks, sauces, powdered dietary supplements, and more, and is suitable for products with halal, kosher, or vegan claims. EMD Performance Materials, emdgroup.com, Booth 2404

Create memorable sensory experiences with flavor and color solutions from Flavorchem. Flavorchem specializes in custom flavor creation for the bakery, beverage, confectionery, culinary, dairy, and nutraceutical segments. The flavor offerings include coffee extracts and concentrates (cold brew and hot brew), natural extracts (botanical and spice extracts, pure vanilla extract, citrus extracts, and tea extracts), and flavor modulators (sweetness enhancers, mouthfeel enhancers, flavor maskers, and vanilla enhancers). It also offers lines of natural colors and synthetic colors. Flavorchem, flavorchem.com, Booth 4447