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Fruits, veggie ingredients can help processed foods shine

May 10, 2019

Eating fruits and vegetables in their whole form is one of the best ways to reap the nutritional benefits, but some consumers are looking to processed foods as a source of fruits and vegetables. Product developers realize that fruits and vegetables are value-added ingredients in food and beverage products. In addition to adding nutrition to food products, fruit and vegetable ingredients add color, flavor, and texture, and consumers often perceive products that contain them to be healthier than those that do not.

Learn more about the rising star in gluten-free bakery—organic green banana flour.
The flour is produced from unripe green bananas that have been gently dried and milled. Using green, unripe fruits produces a gluten-free base flour with a high percentage of starch for added function. Even better, the use of green bananas allows farmers to receive compensation for their entire crop by using blemished and imperfect fruits that would not be suitable for sale in typical grocery channels, reports the company. Organic green banana flour is perfectly suited for use in muffin, cake, and pancake mixes; extruded snacks and cereals; puffs and biscuits; meat analogues; and more. Ciranda, ciranda.com, Booth 741

Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients specializes in upcycling North Carolina–grown sweet potatoes. The company reports that it processes tens of millions of pounds of sweet potatoes every year to produce great-tasting and great-for-you liquid and dried sweet potato ingredients. The ingredients are currently used in a variety of beverage, baking, snack, and meat applications. Clean label trends are here to stay, and claims like Non-GMO Project Verified, allergen free, 100% from sweet potato, and made in the USA align Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients with today's marketplace. Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients, cifingredients.com, Booth 1300

The newest ingredient from Ocean Spray is Crunchy Cranberries Sweetened Dried Cranberries. This baked fruit ingredient is produced using Ocean Spray’s proprietary drying process, which makes the cranberries stay crunchier for a longer time, according to the company. What’s more, the Crunchy Cranberries combine the typical aroma and the functional advantages of sweetened dried cranberries with an exciting crunchy texture. The ingredient is perfect for confectionery, cereal, and snack food applications and as a topping for yogurt and salads. Ocean Spray, oceanspray.com, Booth 1660

blueberry cake courtesy of U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council

Trendsetting companies, large and small, are signing up to use the Real Blueberries Inside seal on their packaging to identify blueberry-containing products. In 2018, 2,587 new products used the term, "real" on the label, and the Real Blueberries Seal assures customers that they are getting real highbush blueberries or real blueberry co-products, according to the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council. The Real Blueberries Seal helps the product showcase blueberry identity and its many advantages, including texture, flavor, nutritional value, product authenticity, color, and the health halo so important in today’s customer-directed marketplace, according to the organization. U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, ushbc.org, Booth 1429

A cooked young jackfruit has a texture that is similar to pulled pork, so it’s no wonder that this versatile ingredient is used as a meat substitute in everything from tacos and pizza to stir-fry and curry. In fact, according to The Jackfruit Company, the jackfruit, which is native to southern India, has been used as a meat alternative for centuries. Jackfruit is low in calories and is an excellent source of fiber. The jackfruit ingredient that The Jackfruit Company supplies is soy- and gluten-free and is 100% plant-based. The Jackfruit Company, thejackfruitcompany.com, Booth 5320