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Innovative fats, oils offer functional benefits

May 10, 2019

olive oilIngredient companies have created innovative fats and oils that provide a range of functions in food products. They are also developing fats and oils that have a healthier balance of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats as more consumers become aware of the benefits of so-called healthier fats. They have made advances, such as developing fats and oils that improve the flakiness, tenderness, and taste of laminated pastries and enhancing the meltdown, snap, and texture of molded chocolate. They have also found ways to increase the shelf life and quality of frying oils.

AAK invites IFT19 attendees to visit its booth to see and taste a few of the latest indulgent and better-for-you bakery, confectionery, and nondairy plant-based product trends. Attendees can taste a range of product concepts, all featuring one or more of AAK’s latest multifunctional fat solutions that are nonhydrogenated and low in saturated fat. AAK offers a wide range of vegetable oils, including canola, coconut, organic, corn, palm and palm kernel/RSPO Certified/Segregated, soybean/Project Verified Non-GMO, and high oleic sunflower and safflower. AAK, aak.com, Booth 1722

Spray release and pan oil solutions are formulated by Par-Way Tryson to meet the unique production challenges customers face while addressing changing consumer demands. Whether improving processing, meeting clean label claims, or crafting a custom solution, food safety and production requirements are a top concern for Par-Way Tryson. Par-Way Tryson, parwaytryson.com, Booth 1800

Find a U.S.-grown soybean oil match and a tailored solution to meet baking and frying needs from QUALISOY. Get answers to questions about fats and oils and discuss the benefits of U.S.–grown soybean oil and shortening. View in-booth cooking demonstrations and enjoy snacks fried in and made with high oleic soybean oil. QUALISOY is an independent, third-party collaboration that promotes the development of the latest enhanced soybean oils and helps build the market for them. Its mission is to connect food companies with the appropriate resources to accomplish optimal formulation. QUALISOY, qualisoy.com, Booth 3341

Ingredients made from soybeans, canola, and sunflower are produced by CHS for use in food products across many categories. Some key ingredients include refined soybean oil, soybean protein, canola oil, and canola meal. Its joint venture company, Ventura Foods LLC, produces vegetable oil–based products for foodservice and retail, such as branded and custom-made shortenings, dressings, oils, sauces, margarines, mayonnaise, and culinary bases. CHS, chsinc.com, Booth 1756