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June 2-5, 2019 | New Orleans, LA
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New ingredients bring vital texture and stability

May 09, 2019

Starches, gums, and emulsifiers play important roles in food and beverage applications, from rounding out a beverage’s mouthfeel to thickening a sauce to stabilizing a yogurt. Ingredient suppliers have developed sophisticated ways to measure and analyze texture and then translate that into a lexicon that product developers can use to differentiate their products from the competition. With a consumer focus on natural products, more and more manufacturers are looking to incorporate ingredients that won’t impact labels negatively, and many ingredient companies are creating clean label options for a range of applications.

At IFT19, AIDP will feature a natural vegan alternative to gelatins for bars, pastries, and other food items. AIDP is the exclusive distributor for Gelymar, whose carrageenan ingredients are sustainably sourced from cold-water seaweed and are vegan and gluten-free. AIDP is also the exclusive distributor for Algaia, whose Satialgine DVA is a next-generation seaweed extract that provides a rich and creamy texture in dairy and nondairy/vegan desserts. These alginates and carrageenans are used worldwide to make protein bars moist, preserve baked goods, and replace gelatin in health products. AIDP, aidp.com, Booth 1512

Specialty wheat protein and starches from MGP Ingredients are designed to help meet the consumer demand for healthy, nutritious foods. The company’s plant-based textured proteins enhance protein content in vegetarian and vegan products. The unique fibrous structure replicates the look and texture of meat, making it suitable for meat, poultry, and seafood extensions. The proteins are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. An application featuring the textured wheat protein will be available for sampling at the booth. MGP Ingredients, mgpingredients.com, Booth 435

Whether egg-free, fat-reduced, or free of animal products, health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers are requesting alternative food ingredients. WACKER Chemical Corp. produces innovative ingredient solutions for formulating food products that meet these consumer demands. The company’s multifunctional CAVAMAX cyclodextrins can be used to produce egg-free bakery products, cholesterol-free mayonnaise, and icings without trans fat. In egg-free bakery applications, cyclodextrins are said to enhance the processing properties of the batter and the crumb structure. Cyclodextrins can contribute to the spreadability of vegan spreads and provide emulsifying and stabilizing effects in products like mayonnaise. They also can improve the consistency of no trans fat icings. WACKER Chemical Corp., wacker.com, Booth 2337

photo courtesy of Ingredients Solutions

Several new ingredient lines and applications will be featured at the Ingredients Solutions booth at the IFT19 food expo. These include propylene glycol alginate, which is commonly used in sauces and dressings to impart a smooth texture while helping to maintain emulsion stability. The ingredient is also gaining use as a foam stabilizer in craft beers and is available in a range of viscosities. Other ingredient offerings include microcrystalline cellulose, which comes in both colloidal and noncolloidal grades for a variety of applications, including frozen desserts, creamy salad dressings, and sauces, and methyl cellulose, a hydrocolloid that exhibits the ability to build viscosity as it is heated, making it useful in vegetable-based meat alternatives for improved texture and binding when heated. Ingredients Solutions, isi.us.com, Booth 3221

With 17% of consumers claiming to read ingredient labels, the clean label trend is more relevant than ever. To meet the needs of the market, Tate & Lyle is expanding its line of clean label starches. Several new non-GM starches will be added to the line, including new film formers and gelling, thickening, bulking, and functional powder starches. Additionally, two new varieties of CLARIA are being introduced: CLARIA Essential 330 LM, which improves moisture management in dry soup or sauces, and CLARIA Instant, designed for improved dispersion in formulations with high solid content and foods processed under low shear conditions, such as bakery cream fillings. Tate & Lyle, tateandlyle.com, Booth 5353

Learn how to “jazz up your formulations” with on-trend ingredient innovation from ICL Food Specialties. Among the product concepts visitors to the booth will be able to enjoy are creamy cheesy grits that show the benefits of the JOHA stabilizing system, topped with succulent shrimp showcasing KATCH for seafood applications. A vegetarian andouille sausage will feature the ROVITARIS line, bringing the expected taste and texture today’s on-trend consumers demand along with unexpected protein. Visitors can top off their product sampling with some lower-sodium king cake that showcases the Levona Allegro leavening system and then wash it down with coffee and plant-based creamer featuring JOHA B 50. ICL Food Specialties, iclfood.com, Booth 1123

Amano Enzyme will introduce new enzymes that deliver savory and cheese flavors to protein applications—and also improve solubility for protein shakes. The company will highlight its new Protein Glutaminase “Amano” 500 (PG 500), a protein glutaminase believed to be the first food enzyme to improve the solubility of proteins at low pH levels. Amano will also showcase several new enzymes designed to improve the quality and production capability of coffee and tea. Amano Enzyme USA, amano-enzyme.com, Booth 2619

Quality ingredients for the food, beverage, and nutritional industries will be featured in a variety of sweet and savory southern-style applications at the Grain Processing Corp. (GPC) booth. A New Orleans-Style Jambalaya will highlight the thickening and stabilizing properties of PURE-GEL modified starch. A Southern-Style Dessert will feature INSCOSITY instant modified starch. A Frozen Latte and a nonalcoholic Frozen Hurricane will demonstrate the dispersion properties of MALTRIN QD (quick dispersing) maltodextrin. Grain Processing Corp., grainprocessing.com, Booth 3231