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Nuts, seeds, and legumes enrich plant-based foods

May 09, 2019

Nutrient-dense ingredients on their own, nuts, seeds, and legumes also serve as functional food ingredients, particularly the different forms and derivatives of them, such as ground, flours, oils, and proteins. Whole nuts and seeds add texture, flavor, and visual appeal to foods while legumes like lentils and beans are value-added ingredients in packaged soup and rice products. Now ingredient manufacturers are emphasizing the functionalities of peanut and tree nut oils in applications like baked goods, dressings, and marinades and pointing out how bean and lentil flours and protein powders serve as thickening agents, texture enhancers, and ingredients that can enrich products with plant-based protein.

For snacking insights, trend-inspired samples, and so much more, be sure to visit the Almond Board of California’s (ABC) booth. With the latest research and live demonstrations, ABC’s industry and culinary experts will be available at the booth to address questions about California almonds. Chef Rob Corliss of All Things Epicurean will be available for individual or small group California Almond Solution Sessions, offering a deep dive into the inspiration for this year’s IFT samples and assistance for any inquiries on formulating with almonds. Visit ABC’s booth to schedule a meeting with Chef Rob during IFT19 or contact [email protected] to request an appointment. Almond Board of California, almonds.com, Booth 4013

Learn about the newest innovation in almond ingredients—Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder—from Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division. Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder has a clean taste and an extra-fine texture, which are important differentiators from other plant-based proteins and ones that product developers find appealing for their new product formulation projects. In addition, Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder is gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, and is not genetically modified, allowing manufacturers more versatility in formulating great-tasting, “free-from,” protein-rich foods and beverages. Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division, bdingredients.com, Booth 3749

Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts offers a full line of all-natural, plant-based dry and liquid ingredients. From high-protein, low-fat roasted peanut flours to roasted aromatic peanut oils and peanut extract, the company’s specialty ingredients offer the plant-based protein, non-GM, gluten-free options consumers are looking for while providing the roasted peanut flavor they love. The P&D group specializes in nut ingredients, from roasted and chopped pieces to gourmet butters, and offers a full range of processing services at its SQF processing plants in Lodi and Modesto, Calif. Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts, goldenpeanut.com, Booth 3722

photo courtesy of Hammons

Wild black walnuts stand out in the nut world because of their distinct, bold flavor, incredible versatility, and impressive health benefits. Wild black walnuts serve as a gluten-free, non-genetically modified, and sustainable ingredient for a wide range of food products. Large pieces are well suited for ice cream and confections while smaller sizes are ideal for brownie mixes, energy bars, and toppings. Visit the booth to sample the unique qualities of wild black walnuts and pick up more information about the study, as well as background about Hammons Products. Hammons Products, black-walnuts.com, Booth 4629

Plant-based nutrition and sustainability is the focus of Cosucra. The company will serve several product concepts that feature some of its plant-based ingredients. Try almond milk made with Pisane pea protein; a gluten-free cookie made with Nastar functional pea starch, which provides crumb structure and strength when replacing gluten; and a plant-based burger made with Pisane pea protein and Swelite functional pea fiber for juiciness, shape control, and excellent binding of water/fat (1 part Swelite binds 5 parts water and 5 parts fat). Cosucra, cosucra.com, Booth 655

Two chickpea ingredients recently received non-GMO verification from the Non-GMO Project company. Artesa Chickpea Flour and Artesa Chickpea Protein, produced by Nutriati, offer manufacturers the taste characteristics, sensory characteristics, and functionality in formulations in which they are boosting the protein amount or replacing gluten. PLT Health Solutions, plthealth.com, Booth 1525