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Ingredient Solutions Keep Food Safe, Improve Quality

June 28, 2017

LunchmeatsBright colors, bold flavors, and a range of textures are what draw consumers to food and beverage products. They often don’t think about the ingredients that help keep the bright colors from bleeding, maintain a specific texture throughout shelf life, or, most importantly, ensure that the food is safe from pathogens. But these ingredients are essential in developing successful food and beverage products.

Debuting at the IFT17 expo is Cleanatis M1 and Cleanatis M2 antimicrobial ingredients from Naturex (booth 2457). These synergistic blends of plant extracts prevent the growth of Listeria (Cleanatis M1) and Salmonella (Cleanatis M2) in the meat matrix. Tests conducted by independent experts showed that the ingredients were more effective than traditional antimicrobials (sodium lactate and sodium acetate) at inhibiting the growth of these food pathogens, according to the company. Naturex is showcasing the Cleanatis ingredients during the food expo.

Corbion (booth 1256) offers a recently developed ingredient that address Listeria control in uncured meats. Verdad Opti Powder N70 is the company’s newest Verdad ingredient. It’s an easy-to-use powder that improves the shelf life of and controls Listeria in uncured meats. The company is introducing an upgraded Corbion Listeria Control Model tool to help processors predict the growth of Listeria in processed foods, save R&D costs, and increase speed to market.

In addition to the ingredient to control Listeria, Corbion is also featuring other ingredients that address food safety and quality, such as naturally derived preservatives that are alternatives to sorbate and benzoate. There’s also PURAC Powder MA that gives chewy candy products an instant sour flavor release and flavor stability and SweetPro, a newly developed line of emulsifiers that stabilizes emulsions, retains moisture, and aerates in sweet bakery applications.

As the shelf life of food and beverage products increases, color and flavor often degrades. To maintain the vibrancy of colors and the strength of flavors, Kemin (booth 3845) developed plant-derived extracts and synthetic antioxidants that help maintain color and flavor without affecting other sensory attributes. The plant-based extracts and synergistic blends—FORTIUM, NaturFORT, and GT-FORT—also give manufacturers the added benefit of using clean label ingredients that appeal to consumers who are concerned with synthetic options.

Make it a point to stop by other exhibitors specializing in ingredients that help preserve food and keep pathogens at bay such as Hawkins (booth 1626), which is featuring its NatBind ingredient alternative to phosphates and antimicrobials in the form of vinegar and dry vinegar, and Kalsec (booth 2244), which manufactures Duralox Oxidation Management Systems to protect against oxidation deterioration.