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On the expo floor: Grains galore

May 09, 2017
Grain Galore

More than ever, food manufacturers have a diverse range of grain ingredients from which to choose. Whole grains and ancient grains appeal to consumers seeking healthier food options while giving manufacturers the opportunity to call out the ingredients to set their products apart from others. Some consumers still demand gluten-free foods, so there are plenty of gluten-free grain and flour ingredients available to manufacturers. Suppliers are also bringing more organic and non-GM versions online. The grain ingredients come in a variety of formats, too, each with specific functionalities in foods and beverages.

Firebird Artisan Mills, a dedicated gluten-free and allergen-free mill, specializes in helping businesses produce gluten-free products that stand out from the pack. The company offers more than 40 different gluten-free flours and blends, including ancient grains, pulses, organic grains, and whole grains. All of its ingredients are non-GM, certified gluten-free to <10 ppm, can be custom-milled, and are blended and packaged onsite. Its proprietary milling process produces granulations that range from coarse to ultrafine to help flour perform exactly as it should to produce final results that food manufacturers’ customers want. Manufacturers can choose from ancient grains and whole grains like amaranth, sorghum, teff, buckwheat, and more.
Firebird Artisan Mills, www.firebirdmills.com, Booth 5070

Richardson Milling offers a full line of conventional and organic whole grain oat products, oat bran, coated grains, and clusters. The company’s team is passionate about finding solutions to meet the rapidly changing demands in the food industry. Its specialty milling processes can provide product differentiation while its fully integrated supply chain from the producer to the mill offers trust and confidence in the source of its ingredients. Taste, texture, and nutrition drive demand for Richardson Milling’s oat products, and major trends like sugar reduction, increasing fiber and protein, natural flavors, and antioxidants are incorporated into its cluster product development. Richardson International, www.richardson.ca, Booth 1453


An expanded portfolio of specialty sprouted grains from Briess Malt & Ingredients offers almost unlimited options for food manufacturers to address consumer demands for sprouted foods. The company has leveraged more than 140 years of sprouting expertise to define and develop true sprouted grains—grains that have been fully soaked in water to initiate sprouting, then heat-treated at the optimum time to preserve the sprout and healthy, wholesome character of the modified grain.

Insta Grains Sprouted Ingredients are heat processed for improved quality and safety. Available in gluten-free naked oats, gluten-free ivory quinoa, and wheat, they require no soak or precook, and they incorporate directly into the dough. Offered as whole kernel, flakes, and flours, they add healthy, wholesome flavor and eye appeal.

InnoSweet Sprouted Whole Wheat Powder is a first-of-a-kind whole grain sweetener that reduces “added sugars” while adding “whole grain” to labels. This 100% pure sprouted whole wheat ingredient is ready to eat and helps manufacturers achieve clean labels while lessening the impact of the addition of “added sugars” to the updated Nutrition Facts panel. Finally, there is a wide range of light- to dark-flavored pure specialty malt flours and particles. Malt, the original sprouted ingredient, will enhance flavor and color and improve processing in yeast-raised doughs and other baked goods. Briess Malt & Ingredients, www.briess.com, Booth 3926