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Packing a Plant Protein Punch

June 28, 2017

Beans and lentilsUsing plant-based protein ingredients in foods and beverages is a powerful way to attract consumers looking for clean label, more sustainable ingredients that give products an extra nutritional boost. They also offer a range of functional qualities that manufacturers can use to improve the texture and stability of many products. Here is a sampling of ingredient exhibitors offering plant-based protein ingredients.

Glanbia Nutritionals (booth 2240) is highlighting its new BevEdge Pea Protein for use in plant-based powdered drink mixes. The ingredient mixes instantly in water unlike conventional pea protein, which clumps and floats, according to the company. It is also neutral in taste and provides a smoother mouthfeel. The company is also previewing its new Pea Protein Crisps, which give bars and snacks a crunchy texture.

Roquette (booth 1866) manufactures NUTRALYS, a line of pea protein ingredients. The line includes several different pea protein isolates with such functional characteristics as emulsifying and gelling properties, enhancing texture, improving solubility, or increasing water and tar retention. The textured pea protein ingredient in the NUTRALYS line functions as a meat extender and analog.

Visit World Food Processing (booth 1347) to learn more about pulse-based ingredients such as PURISPea Protein and PURISWhole Pulse Powder. The three pea protein ingredients are each designed to be used in specific applications. One is for nutrition bars where low viscosity and low water-hold are required and another is for nutritional protein powders, dry beverage blends, ready-to-drink products, meat alternatives, vegan spreads, and emulsified products, where high solubility, excellent dispersibility, and small particle size are required. The third is designed for applications like cereals, crisps, and protein bars where low water-hold and low viscosity are required. The pulse powders come in navy bean, red lentil, chickpea, green lentil, fava bean, black bean, and pea versions to boost the protein content and add function to a variety of applications.  

The experts from Healthy Food Ingredients (booth 3212) are available help answer questions about formulating with soybeans and pulse ingredients and explain the functional benefits that the different pulses in various forms provide. The company offers common beans like garbanzo, kidney, navy, pinto, and small red beans, and also some more unusual ones like azuki, black turtle, and cranberry. These beans along with soybeans and several lentil and pea varieties come in forms like cracked, flour, precooked flakes, and raw whole.