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Phi Tau Sigma & IFT announce division competition winners

June 26, 2017

PhiTauSigmaOn Sunday afternoon, Phi Tau Sigma and IFT paid tribute and awarded student finalists of the division poster competition. Students from many universities across the globe received certificates and awards in various categories based on the division discipline, such as Aquatic Food Products, Dairy, and Nonthermal Processing.

Congratulations to the following winners of the Phi Tau Sigma scholarships and awards:

  • Daryl B. Lund International Scholarship: Nathalie J. Plundrich (North Carolina State University)
  • Phi Tau Sigma Student Achievement Scholarships: Jennifer Fideler (North Carolina State University, Cansu Gumus (University of Massachusetts), and Leigh R. Schmidt (Purdue University)
  • Gideon “Guy” Livingston Award: Juzhong Tan (University of Georgia)
  • Phi Tau Sigma Chapter of the Year: University of Massachusetts
  • Phi Tau Sigma Special Recognition Award: Dennis Heldman (Ohio State University)
  • Phi Tau Sigma Founder's Award: Tianxi Yang (University of Massachusetts – Amherst)

Several hundred papers were submitted for the division poster competition. The awards ceremony recognized the finalists and the first-, second-, and third-place winners. The winners in each division category are as follows:



1st: Sunil Manohar Behera (ITT Karagpur)

2nd: Zipei Zhang (University of Massachusetts)


Aquatic Food Products Division

1st: Shayna Bosko (Chapman University)

2nd: Behnam Keshavarz (Florida State University)

3rd: Yuka Kobayashi (Oregon State University)


Carbohydrate Division

1st: Ha Ram Kim (Seoul National University)

2nd: Ruojun Mu (Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University)

3rd: Jee Won Koh (Louisiana State University)


Dairy Foods Division

1st: Emily Griep (Cornell University)

2nd: Mutian Zhang (North Carolina State University)

3rd: Andrew Zumbusch (University of Minnesota)


Dairy Foods – Oral

1st: Mitchell Culler (Penn State University)

2nd: Angelina Schiano (North Carolina University)

3rd: Jackie Lipkowitz (Washington State University)


Education, Extension & Outreach – Graduate

1st: Dhitri Nayyar (University of Maine)

2nd: Samantha VanWees (University of Wisconsin – Madison)

3rd: Maridel Reyes (Penn State University)


Food Chemistry – Oral

1st: Brittany Hubbard (University of Florida)

2nd: Kelsey Kanyuck (University of Maryland)

3rd: Yanyun Cao (Jiangnan University)


Food Engineering Division

1st: Daniela Alves de Oliveira (Texas A&M University)

2nd: Yuyang Tian (Rutgers University)

3rd: Qiaobin Hu (University of Connecticut)


Food Microbiology Division

1st: Divek Valsala Devi Thankappan Nair (University of Minnesota)

2nd: Emily Holman (The Ohio State University)

3rd: Lauren White (Virginia Tech)


Food Microbiology – Oral

1st: David Bridges (University of Maine)

2nd: Noelle Lebow (Washington State University)

3rd: Jiehao Guan (University of Wisconsin – Madison)


Food Packaging Division

1st: Ziynet Boz (University of Florida)

2nd: Yupeng Gao (Louisiana State University)

3rd: Zhuang Sheng Lin (Cornell University)


Fruit & Vegetable Division

1st: Didem Aykas (Oregon State University)

2nd: Lissa Davis (Oregon State University)

3rd: Raminder Kaur (University of Nebraska)


International Division

1st: Lukas Boeker (ETH Zurich)

2nd: Jesus Aldrete Tapia (Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro)

3rd: Shahank Gaur (University of Illinois)


International – Malcolm Bourne

1st: Jonas Hilbig (University of Hohenheim)

2nd: Daiki Murayama (Iwate University)


Muscle Foods

1st: Yan Campbell (Mississippi State University)

2nd: Keelyn Hanlon (Texas Tech University)

3rd: Devin Gredell (Colorado State University)


Nonthermal Division

1st: Yifan Zhang (ETH Zurich)

2nd: Tamanna Ramesh (University of Maine)

3rd: Yafei Liu (University of Otago)


Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods Division

1st: Charles Lee (Cornell University)

2nd: Yanfang Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

3rd: Fang Li (University of Massachusetts)


Nutrition Division

1st: Julianne Kopf (University of Nebraska)

2nd: Lillian Smith (Alabama A&M University)

3rd: Yifan Yang (Cornell University)


Product Development Division

1st: Ruojie Zhang (University of Massachusetts)

2nd: Lei Wang (University of Nebraska)

3rd: Benjarat Tapsongkroh (Kasetsart University)


Protein – Oral

1st: Claire Boyle (University of Minnesota)

2nd: Carly Isaak (University of Manitoba)

3rd: Karen Rios-Villa (University of California – Davis)


Quality Assurance Division

1st: Zachary Cartwright (Washington State University)

2nd: Mei-Ling Shotts (Ohio State University)

3rd: Kevin Wong (Ohio State University)


Sensory & Consumer Science – Oral

1st: William Harwood (North Carolina State University)

2nd: Victoria Minette (Washington State University)

3rd: Emily Walsh (Washington State University)


Toxicology & Safety Evaluation

1st: Belen Vila (Cornell University)

2nd: Sahil Gupta (Florida State University)

3rd: Tara Okuma (Chapman University)