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Sampling the IFT17 Food Expo: Part 2

June 27, 2017


Part of what attendees at food shows find fun is all of the food and beverage product concepts available to try. The product concepts served during the IFT17 food expo also demonstrate the functions of all sorts of ingredients. Stop by the following booths to try innovative samples, and walk the expo floor to discover many more for yourself.

Sweet Potato Powder from BI Nutraceuticals (booth 1745) is a high-fiber ingredient derived from the sweet potato and is suited for use in bakery applications. Stop by the booth to sample corn muffins made with the powder.

It’s taco time at Gold Coast Ingredients (booth 457). The company manufactures flavors and colors, and at this year’s food expo, it is highlighting sweet and savory flavors. Try vegetarian tacos made with some of its flavors.

Grain Processing Corp. (booth 3040) has launched a new MALTRIN tapioca-based ingredient line and is serving watermelon- or cucumber-flavored beverages formulated with MALTRIN tapioca maltodextrin. The ingredient has a neutral flavor profile and quickly disperses to add body and build mouthfeel in beverages. In addition to the beverage product concepts, the company is featuring a warm chicken and waffle snack and a green tea cupcake with hibiscus-lime buttercream frosting. These two product concepts demonstrate the functionality of the company’s specialty starches. There’s also bananas foster–flavored popcorn made with MALTRIN maltodextrin.

Need advice on improving taste and texture of foods and beverages? Stop by ICL Food Specialties (booth 3834) for information on how its ingredients such as BEKAPLUS BP 900, BEKABAKE EF W, BEKAPLUS Cal-sistent, Mag-nificent, TARI COMBI PP1, Salona Sea Salt, ROVITARIS protein system, and BEKAPLUS DP 302 can help. While there, try one or all of the featured product concepts: TLP Cooler high-protein, clear whey beverage; chewy high-protein, low-sugar Everything Bar; Chicken Party Snacker meatballs; Vegan Snacker; Southwest Sauce; and Hatch Chile Cheese Dip.

Sample collagen-enriched mocktail drinks from Rousselot (booth 2674). Peptini is a birthday cake–flavored beverage fortified with Peptan hydrolyzed form of collagen, and Protini is a drink made with ProTake B, a bovine-sourced ingredient that contains 90% protein and is flavored with coconut lime and decorated with a gummy bear garnish.

Pancakes served with grape-based syrups, tangy grape meatballs, and a fruit bark dessert made with grape juice powder and fruit pieces are on the menu at Welch’s Global Ingredients Group (booth 2135). Custom juice blends for sampling are being served too. While enjoying the product concepts, take part in a taste test comparing Concord grape juice with several other popular fruit juices.