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B&B Burger and Beer can be found on the casino level of the Venetian Hotel
Registration and Ticket required. Professional: $30, Student: $5. Click here to register for this event!
Registration and Ticket required. Professional - $30, Student - $10
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There exists a serious gap between knowledge generated at a university level and implementation in the food industry. The current session aims to help bridge this gap by highlighting the challenges involved in technology transfer, with concrete examples and strategies on how to overcome this issue, under a variety of circumstances. The speakers have been selected based on their successes in executing such transfer projects, and will share their experiences and lessons learned with the audience. Such examples are not only limited to upscaling from academia to industry, but also about downscaling industry-level problems to the university environment to understand the fundamentals of the problems at hand, as well as examples of industry members working closely with their own operations teams and external suppliers, to innovate and industrialize in an accelerated fashion.

Four cases will be presented, moreover, two of the case studies also include information on industrial joint research funding, a concept that is attractive for both universities and industry.
Speaker Sumana Bell, Principle Scientist for Ardent Mills, will discuss the benefits of Ardent Mills Sustagrain® High-Fiber Barley on digestive health and current research findings pertaining to barley and the microbiome. In addition, Sumana will review Sustagrain’s impact to the FDA’s new regulation for fiber RDA, and implications on other fiber alternatives. Other topics will include current research studies on Sustagrain and glycemic index in humans.
Capstone courses, by definition, provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their program of study. These courses are generally designed to encompass not only all technical aspects of the major but also professional skills, such as leadership, team dynamics, time management, and communication. In this session, six schools will present what their students are doing in their respective capstone courses. Examples of projects and their execution as well as best practices and methods of assessment will be discussed. The role of industry partners and how they can be included to make these experiences more meaningful will also be explained.
This session will address food waste analysis, give a roadmap of priority waste reduction solutions, highlight developments relating to food donation and food recovery, stress the importance of measuring food loss and waste, and give participants insight into tools and standards for measurement.