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Recently, FAO announced a second set of descriptors to categorize food into categories based on degree of processing. The most used categorization for processing uses the terms nonprocessed and raw, moderately processed, and highly processed. They have added the following classification for describing degree of food processing: unprocessed or minimally processed foods; processed culinary ingredients; processed foods; and ultra-processed food and drink products. The proponent of this classification system has argued that this more fairly defines degree of food processing and comes to the conclusion we rely too heavily on processed foods in our diets. Unfortunately, there is scant evidence that this classification system is actually useful to design dietary guidelines for the consuming public. In this symposium the speakers explore the topic of food processing in general, particularly in light of the FAO guidelines, and the utility of the adopted food processing classification system to assist researchers and those who develop dietary guidelines. This session is sponsored by Phi Tau Sigma and the IFT, AND, ANS and IFIC Task Force on Food Processing. This is addition to the Nutrition and Engineering Divisions of IFT.
Commitments to Lifelong Learning is a pillar of the Certified Food Scientist CFS program. Have all your questions answered about the requirements for maintaining and renewing your CFS, and get tips on building a continuing education plan that will benefit both you and your organization.
Registration and Ticket required. Professional: $30, Student $10. Click here to register for this event!