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Leading Indicator Series

Join us for the FIRST Leading Indicator Series where we’ll explore a range of topics to help innovators and entrepreneurs seize opportunities, fuel growth, and forge productive partnerships.

Sessions include:

Next-Gen Marketing
Explore how food innovators have tapped non-traditional channels and sophisticated storytelling to define, articulate, and authentically tell their brand story in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

Small by Design
Meet a group of startups that have rejected the lure of big money to protect their vision and control and in return have been able to redefine success in their own terms.

Food with Purpose
Discover how conscientious capitalism is spurring a growing number of companies to focus on social responsibility and pursue B-Corp status.

Tomorrow, Today
Amid an environment of accelerated and constant change, a blue-ribbon panel of trend watchers, analysts, and consultants forecast opportunities and threats on the horizon.

Follow the Money
A finance, equity panel discusses which food trends are investment worthy; where the M&A market is headed next; and why some food giants are trimming their portfolios.

If I Knew Then…
Join our panel of startup survivors as they share and reflects on what they did—and didn't—do right in launching their business; from supply chain partnerships, to vendor selection, to financing to IP protection.

Feature Your Ingredient, Technology of Food Solution Startup at FIRST
Fill your sales pipeline with five days of targeted, strategic networking, business development, and partnering through curated meetings with qualified product development decision makers, product developers, and innovators from around the world.