2024 IFT FIRST Exhibitor Success Kit

Everything you need to maximize your impact and ROI at IFT FIRST, in one place. Explore this page to discover over $10,000 in resources, available to you for free.

On-Demand: Webinars

On-Demand: How to Build Brand Awareness & Drive Qualified Booth Traffic at IFT FIRST

Description: Because food manufacturers look to IFT for ways and means to improve their products, in the months and weeks leading up to IFT FIRST their receptivity to marketing messages increases. This is the perfect opportunity for all suppliers to increase their brand awareness and give food manufacturers a reason to visit their booth at IFT FIRST. This webinar by Jefferson Davis explains why pre-marketing your exhibit is more important than ever before, reviews best practices for email, direct mail and social media, and teaches why using multiple marketing channels is crucial. Walk through a proven-effective planning process to create an integrated pre and at show exhibit marketing program. Finally, this webinar will give a comprehensive overview for IFT IRST exhibitor marketing resources.

Watch the How to Build Brand Awareness Webinar


On-Demand: THRIVE LIVE! How to Successfully Re-Enter Live Exhibiting at IFT FIRST

Description: Exhibit marketing and business development expert Jefferson Davis shares how exhibitors can make a successful return to live events. If reconnecting with the food ingredient market, growing revenue, gaining new customers and exhibiting ROI are important to you, this is a must-attend webinar.



On-Demand: Countdown to IFT FIRST

Description: Exhibit marketing and business development expert Jefferson Davis shares the critical issues exhibitors should be thinking about as IFT FIRST grows closer. Learn how to engage attendees before, during, and after the event, find success beyond your booth, and take the right actions in the weeks leading up to the event.



On-Demand: Using Social Media to Build Your Brand & Drive Traffic

Description: When used properly, social media can be an extremely effective media for building your brand and driving qualified booth traffic. Research finds that most exhibitors are not taking full advantage of this marketing opportunity. Check out this webinar to learn the best tradeshow practices for using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest more effectively.



On-Demand: May Exhibitor Briefing

Description: Hear from members of the IFT and Spargo teams with information that will benefit all exhibitors. Learn about sponsorship opportunities, social sharing aspects of the show, lead retrieval, and SO much more!

Watch the May Exhibitor Briefing


On-Demand: June Exhibitor Briefing

Description: Members of the IFT and Spargo teams help navigate how to have the most successful event possible. Watch this webinar to learn about Braindate, food & beverage sampling, move in schedules, shipping and more!

Watch the June Exhibitor Briefing

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