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Experience the newest products, latest trends, and cutting-edge innovations at IFT17. Be immersed in the industry’s largest collection of food ingredient, equipment, processing, technology and packaging suppliers, all assembled under one roof to help you be the first to learn and see what’s next in the science of food. It’s the only place where you can meet face-to-face with over 1,000 exhibiting companies on the forefront of the latest global food trends, and the see firsthand, the products designed to address them.

Advance Your Professional Knowledge

IFT’s Food Expo® is where you can learn, share, connect and take care of business all in one place. If you’re serious about advancing your career, business, research, or the science of food and technology profession, then you can’t afford to miss IFT17. Secure your IFT17 housing and registration today.

Who's at the Food Expo?

A sampling of participating companies:

Ajinomoto NA
Almond Board of CA
Blue California
Carmi Flavors
DSM/Fortitech Premixes
Idaho Milk Products
Morton Salt
Naturex Inc
Pulse Canada
Qualisoy/Soy Connection
Be seen at the largest food tradeshow attracting over 20,000 attendees representing food science and technology professionals from over 90 countries across the globe.