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IFT—Feeding the Future

Since 1939, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) has been a forum for passionate science of food professionals and technologists to collaborate, learn, and contribute all with the goal of inspiring and transforming collective scientific knowledge into innovative solutions for the benefit of all people around the world. As a scientific community grounded in purpose, IFT feeds the minds that feed the world.


Our Vision

A world where science and innovation are universally accepted as essential to a safe, nutritious, and sustainable food supply for everyone


Our Mission

To advance the science of food and its applications across the global food system

Strategic Promises

Our Strategic Promises

Committed to providing our members the resources and services necessary to enhance and advance their work

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At IFT we are committed to providing our members the resources and services necessary to enhance and advance their careers not only to improve and enrich their lives, but to help make greater contributions to their organizations and the science of food profession as a whole. In doing so, we all contribute to improving the sustainability of our global food supply.

As a global science of food organization, our impact is vast and deep; our dedication to the advancement of the science of food unwavering. This is most evident in the promises we make to our members, volunteers, and partners.

Develop: Advance and Promote Careers in the Science of Food
Enhance and promote the knowledge of IFT members and prospective members worldwide

Network: Establish Productive and Interactive Global Networks
Engage and convene relevant stakeholders to debate, create, and transfer knowledge, and communicate the latest information affecting the science of food

Innovate: Promote Science, Technology, and Their Application
Be a source of influence and thought leadership for the development, application and communication of the science of food

Advocate: Address Issues and Influence Outcomes
Be the objective voice of the science of food by leveraging IFT’s members to proactively contribute evidence-based science to the public dialogue on food issues

Include: Enable Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
Leverage diversity and inclusion within IFT to advance our mission and the science of food

It is through our promises that we provide the critical support and resources our talented community needs to not only feed their professional aspirations, but also inspire solutions to safely, nutritiously, and sustainably feed the world.


Our Values

Working together to advance the science of food and one another through shared values

As a collective, IFT’s community works together to advance the science of food and one another through the following shared values:

We believe in the power of community. We collaborate across borders and scientific disciplines with public and private institutions. We are a convener of people and ideas. Teamwork is essential to our success.

We want our scientific and operational integrity to be renowned. We honor the diversity of people and ideas in our community. We adhere to the highest level of professionalism and professional ethics.

We are passionate about the science of food. We are dedicated to expanding knowledge and advancing careers. We commit ourselves to finding solutions to the food challenges facing humanity.

We are dedicated to supporting the changing needs of our members and our community. We are committed to continuous improvement and to championing innovation.

We respect the scientific process and our peers. We are guided by the needs and demands of our members. We are committed to clear communication and responsiveness.

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