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Looking to grow your career, your network, and your access to the latest research and insights shaping the future of food? Then you need IFT’s most robust membership option—IFT's Premier Membership.

With a Premier Membership, you have the highest level of access and discounts to IFT’s educational products, Annual Event and Food Expo registration, journals, and more. Unlock new opportunities by connecting on a local level through regional sections and online through topic-based divisions. Stay current on recent findings with a print and digital year-long subscription to Food Technology magazine, and information-packed weekly newsletters, not to mention a 35% discount on scientific books. With the Premier Membership, you’ll have a toolkit of resources to help you shine and build professional equity, stay relevant, and achieve your full potential.

Key Benefits for Premier Members

“I always emphasize that IFT is the only place, the only organization, the only meeting where you can get food scientists who are experts in all of the disciplines that food science encompasses”

- Michele Perchonok, PhD, CFS , (2018-2019 IFT President and Former Manager, Program Science Management Office for NASA Human Research Program)
Michele Perchonok

Advance Your Career

  • Make strategic connections to open new job opportunities and be one of the first to gain access to information on which companies are hiring
  • Take advantage of IFT’s learning opportunities to help you stay on top of your technical and business skills

Continue to Learn

  • Free and unlimited access to all live and on-demand webcasts, virtual events, and podcasts
  • A 35% discount on scientific books
  • Trusted information in concise, bite-sized pieces through IFT’s daily newsletter Food News Now, and member-exclusive newsletters such as IFT Insider and IFT Science Insider.

Invaluable Resources

  • Access to a network of experts who have the information you need to help you solve problems at your work
  • Insightful analysis of trends and what’s coming next
  • Online resources like the CFS certification, IFT Connect online member community, member directory, and more
  • Connect with colleagues on a regional level through IFT sections and via online, topic-based communities with IFT divisions

Pay It Forward

Give back through meaningful volunteer and mentoring activities including becoming a volunteer leader in one of IFT’s many volunteer workgroups, sections, or divisions.

Publishing Perks

Traditional-model publication charges are waived for IFT Premier members publishing in the Journal of Food Science (normally $2,000) and Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety (normally $3,000)



Section dues, where applicable, are additional and vary by section.


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