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IFTNEXT On-Demand Sessions

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Where Innovation Finds Inspiration

Fuel your passion for innovation and stay ahead of the curve. IFTNEXT sessions are where you will learn what market, trend, and global forces are will affect the food industry of tomorrow and the varied perspectives and solutions addressing them today.

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IFTNEXT sessions sampling:

  • Humanitarian Food Science and Technology in Action or Inaction
  • Data Revolution: Is Food Safety Sitting on the Side-Lines?
  • Turning 'Greenness' into Green: Strategies that Support Environmental Sustainability and Market Success
  • Designed to Disappear: The Future of Sustainable Food and Beverage Packaging
  • UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 2)- Zero Hunger Challenge!
  • Interpreting Gut Microbiome Research in the Safety Evaluation of Foods and Food Ingredients
  • Stronger Together: Farmers & Food Companies in the Face of Climate Change
  • How to Use Strategic Thinking to Navigate 2020 Consumer, Food & Beverage Trends
  • Addressing the Food Industry Need for Agility with Flavor Sensory Data and Analytics
  • Food and Culture: Global Market Expansion for Startups
  • How will Artificial Intelligence Impact a Food Technologist's Role
  • Eureka Moments
  • Feed the Marketing Machine
  • Insights and Learnings from Applying Big Data and AI Technologies to Regulatory Food Safety Inspection Data at Scale
  • Robotics and the Future of the Food Service Industry
  • How to Use Strategic Thinking to Navigate 2020 Consumer, Food & Beverage Trends
  • Creating the Next Big Meat Analogue: An extrusion Demonstration
  • Quick Fire Sessions Exploring Upcycling

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