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Scientific and Applied On-Demand Sessions

Exploring challenging topics to solve some of the world’s biggest food issues

In this year’s scientific and applied sessions, we have designed a program approach that will explore the important topic of our planet’s sustainability and its impact on our global food supply. More specifically posing the question:

Is our food system the single biggest threat to the environment and our survival?

To answer this question, we explore, discuss, and debate through five topical areas including health and nutrition, food safety and security, food sustainability, science and technology, and innovation.

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Each topical area is anchored by a provocative panel discussion setting the stage for a series of presentations, discussions, and fireside chats taking a closer look at the science, technology, and research tackling these important issues.

Program Overview (PDF)

Sessions Program Highlights

Health and Nutrition
Health and Nutrition

Panel: Striving for the Equitable Distribution of Nutrition
In 30 years, the possibility of going to sleep hungry at night is a reality that the majority of the world’s population could face. This panel and supporting sessions series will explore and discuss of how to solve today’s issues of nutrition scarcity, and what tangible outcomes we need to embrace.

Panelists include:

  • Moderator Corby Kummer, Editor, IDEAS Magazine and director of Food and Society Program at the Aspen Institute, senior editor, The Atlantic
  • Mario Ferruzzi, David H. Murdock Distinguished Professor at North Carolina State University
  • Corinna Hawkes, Professor of Food Policy at City, University of London
  • Chiara Cecchini, CEO & Cou-Founder at Future Food Institute

Health and Nutrition Sessions

Food Safety and Security

Panel: Data Revolution: Is Food Safety Sitting on the Side-Lines?
We live in an era of disruptions, where data is the new “oil” and the innovation cycle is shortening like never before in human history. Ironically, big data-driven improvements and disruptions have not yet arrived in one of the most fundamental cornerstones of our industry: food safety. This panel discussion will address what we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and what is needed to leverage data and analytics in the future for food safety.

Panelists include:

  • Moderated by: Vikrant Dutta, Senior Staff Scientist, bioMerieux
  • Maria Velissariou, CSTO, Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
  • Seán Leighton, Global VP of Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Cargill
  • Cronan McNamara, CEO & Founder, Crème Global

Food Safety and Security Sessions


Breaking News: First Look at Nomenclature Research for Seafood Made from Fish Cells
As cell-based meat, poultry, and seafood products get closer to commercialization, creating consensus around a single common or usual name is becoming increasingly important to meet FDA and USDA labeling regulations. Consistent use of a single term by industry, advocates, and regulators would also help orient consumers to what will likely be a transformational food technology. In this presentation, we will discuss the findings of our recent study conducted with more than 3000 US adults, designed to test consumer perceptions of seven common or usual names and three controls, using images of realistic packages of three types of seafood that a consumer might encounter in a supermarket.

Presented by:
Dr. William K. Hallman
, Professor and Chair of the Department of Human Ecology at Rutgers University, and a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

Lou Cooperhouse CEO of BlueNalu, a leading food technology company developing seafood products directly from fish cells.

Sustainability Sessions


Science and Technology

Panel: Building Food Security into Resilient Cities
By the year 2050, two thirds of the population will live in mega cities. Today’s cities are being engineered to be more sustainable, safer, and socially responsible, in pursuit of the promise of resiliency. Learn about the impacts of key decisions, and how to be a part of building the future.

Panelists include:

  • Moderator- Harry Epstein, p-Chip Corporation
  • Ted Fishman, Author of China, Inc.
  • Allison Grantham, Grow Well Consulting
  • Geoffrey Hewings, UIUC Department of Finance

Science & Technology Sessions


Panel: Stop Wasting Waste – Upcycling Our Future
Technology makes it possible to track, trace, and transform the way we utilize waste. This session focuses on new ways of preventing and upcycling waste and transforming sidestreams, to make our food system more sustainable and more in harmony with environmental resources.

Panelists include:

  • Sanne Stroosnijdr, Wageningen Univ. & Research
  • Jeff Daniel, Blueflux Power
  • Sotiris Bantas, Centaur Analytics

Innovation Sessions

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