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Posters & Research Showcase

Showcasing Transformative Research in New Ways

Research is the foundation of innovation. It provides critical insight into what is possible and inspires creative thinking to help us imagine and design better food. You won’t want to miss the research findings you’ll discover only at IFT FIRST.

Poster Showcase

Researchers will present their work at two dedicated Poster Showcases during IFT FIRST. Worried about getting the chance to see them? Don’t be! Posters will be on display on the expo floor all day Monday and Tuesday. This means that even if you’re not able to make one of the two opportunities to speak with presenters, you’ll still get to browse their posters in person.

All posters will be accompanied by a one-minute video presentation that can be accessed digitally by all IFT FIRST attendees following the event. On Wednesday, poster videos will take on an all-new form as part of the IFT FIRST Innovation Lab.

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Research Showcase Stage

The Research Showcase Stage is back this year featuring new and innovative findings across a variety of fields in the science of food. Whether it’s providing a spotlight for research competition winners or a platform for up-and-coming scientists, this is the place to be to catch lively presentations along with audience Q&A. This stage will be located in the Poster Showcase area, with presentations taking place continuously throughout the event.

Research Showcase Stage Details

Highlighting Research Competitions

The Research Showcase Stage is where you’ll see winners from the Division Graduate Student Research Competitions present their work live. Competitions will take place virtually in the weeks leading up to IFT FIRST. Other research competitions, such as the IFT Student Association (IFTSA) Undergraduate Research Competition and the IFTSA Graduate Student Video Competition, will also take place on this stage.

Discovery Up-and-Coming Researchers and Grant Project Awardees

IFT is excited to provide a platform for pre-tenured faculty, recent PhD graduates, and grant project awardees to present their work on the Research Showcase Stage. Reviewed and approved by IFT’s Scientific Discovery Workgroup, these promising emerging scientists are paving the way for the future of food. View all Scientific Discovery sessions below:

Pre-Tenured Faculty, Recent PhD Graduates Sessions on the Research Showcase Stage

Grant Project Awardees Sessions on the Research Showcase Stage

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