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Feeding our planet takes firsts.

Our global food system has been challenged more than ever before and with these challenges comes a greater need to stretch, dig deeper, problem solve, and ignite new and innovative solutions to bring our world better and more accessible food.

Our world needs FIRST—food improved by research, science, and technology—a new virtual event and expo experience powered by IFT July 19-23.

The world has changed, so have we.

The last year has also challenged our businesses, our careers, and our personal lives and with these challenges have come opportunities to re-envision and transform.

As a science of food and innovation community, IFT is uniquely positioned to convene global experts, entrepreneurs, and solution providers to collectively discuss and ignite new and innovative ways to solve our biggest food challenges and to inspire future food innovation across our global food system. This year, we have transitioned IFT’s annual event into a new, AI-enabled virtual event and expo experience to provide you a safe, personalized, solution-packed forum to solve problems, share knowledge, and expand strategic connections.

Save time, resources, and our planet in just three transformative days.

When we come together as one, we accomplish more. Come to learn, network, and discover; leave CONNECTED, ENABLED, and INSPIRED. Join us.
Get months’ worth of product and solution research done in a matter of days.