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IFT Foundation Activities

Feeding Tomorrow is the official Foundation of the Institute of Food Technologists. Each day, we work to raise both the awareness of and interest in the science of food as a desirable career path. By attracting, retaining and celebrating the best and brightest minds of the profession, we will ensure the world has the ability to feed a growing and diverse population.  

Each year, we host a variety of activities at IFT Event in support of our mission. Here’s what is happening this year at IFT17:


Fun Run

Fun Run + Fitness

Support the next generation of professionals in the science of food
Monday, June 26, 6:30am

5k Run / 1mile Walk: 6:30am start time @ Sands Ave.
Yoga: 6:30 – 7:00am @ IFT Next Stage
Wellness and Reward After Party: 7:00 @ IFT Booth

Too busy on Monday morning or just prefer to sleep in while at IFT17? This year you can participate VIRTUALLY anytime, anywhere between May 1st – June 30th, 2017.

Registration Fee: $30.00  Register here.  When you register, be sure to tell us that you will be attending IFT17 so we can email you more details about location of on-site activities and t-shirt pickup.


Scholarship Reception

Feeding Tomorrow Student Celebration

Celebrate excellence for students pursuing careers in the science of food
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

IFTSA and university students are invited to celebrate the 2017-2018 recipients of Feeding Tomorrow scholarships, internships, summer scholars, and travel stipends.  Through our annual programs that support undergraduate and graduate students around the world, we take an innovative approach to addressing the future needs of the profession and science of food community. Join us to celebrate current Feeding Tomorrow champions and to learn about our 2018-2019 opportunities.
Time and Location: Announced in May

Without Borders

Food Technologists Without Borders Panel

Share collective knowledge of our IFT community to pursue food and nutrition solutions for those in need
Tuesday, June 27, 12:00 – 1:00pm

IFT and Feeding Tomorrow Foundation are collaborating with several not-for-profit organizations to set up volunteer programs that leverage the technical knowledge of the IFT community to provide scalable, sustainable, safe and nutritious food technology solutions for people and regions in need.

Moderated by Bernhard Van Lengerich, join this panel discussion where panelists Alexandra Spieldoch, CEO of Compatible Technology International; Jeff Dykstra, CEO Partners in Food Solutions; and Dr. Betty Bugusu, Managing Director of Purdue University’s International Food Technology Center will discuss this compelling concept.
Location: IFT Next stage


Future Food Scientists

Feeding Tomorrow Future Food Scientist

Motivate the best young minds to pursue careers in the science of food
Wednesday, June 28, 1:00-3:00pm

Feeding Tomorrow invites Nevada science and ag educators, career guidance counselors, and youth influencers from partner organizations to explore the IFT17 Food Expo. The aim of the Future Food Scientists program is to raise awareness and understanding of the types of careers available for students in food science and technology.

The world needs the brightest minds engaged in the science of food in order to meet the challenges ahead of us to feed a projected population of 9 billion in 2050. Feeding Tomorrow can play a powerful role in encouraging the best young minds to pursue careers in the science of food through connecting with educators, career counselors, and youth influencers.

Email Jaime Gutshall (Jgutshall@ift.org) to register.


Feeding Tomorrow Zero Food Waste

Contribute toward food and nutrition solutions in the local community

We know you love food. At IFT17 we are working to ensure it doesn’t get wasted. Throughout the meeting, Feeding Tomorrow will partner with Sands Green Meeting Program to ensure post-consumer food waste is either composted or provided to a local pig farm, and leftover food from banquets (unused and unserved) is donated to local Las Vegas charities.

At IFT16 in Chicago, we donated over 350lbs of unused and unserved food to local Chicago charities. In 2017, IFT and Feeding Tomorrow will again do our part to redistribute quality food from our meeting and expo for those in need.  

If you’re serious about advancing your career, business, research, or the science of food and technology, then you can’t afford to miss IFT17.