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IFT18 Fun Run + Fitness

Join us for the IFT18 Virtual Fun Run + Fitness Event. In 2017, Feeding Tomorrow the official Foundation of IFT “re-invented” our largest annual fundraiser to reach beyond the annual event with the aim of supporting scholarships… and this year, we’ll do it again!  Participants can run, walk, yoga, bike, or swim…anywhere, anytime.

Registration for the Fun Run + Fitness Event will be open soon! Please check back for more detailed information.

Want to learn more?

Feeding Tomorrow is the official Foundation of the Institute of Food Technologists. Each day, we work to raise both the awareness of and interest in the science of food as a desirable career path. By attracting, retaining and celebrating the best and brightest minds of the profession, we will ensure the world has the ability to feed a growing and diverse population.  

Beyond the Fun Run + Fitness Event, Feeding Tomorrow hosts a variety of activities at the IFT Event in support of our mission. Here’s is a sampling of the type of programs we offer:

  • Fun Run + Fitness Event – Get Fit for Scholarships (Virtual Activity)
  • Feeding Tomorrow Student Celebration with IFTSA
  • Feeding Tomorrow Educator Expo Tour

For promotional opportunities, visit the promotional opportunities webpage.

Learn More About Feeding Tomorrow

You can learn more about the Foundation at www.feedingtomorrow.org or email feedingtomorrow@ift.org

IFT Foundation Feeding Tomorrow

If you’re serious about advancing your career, business, research, or the science of the future of food, then you can’t afford to miss IFT18.