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IFT19 Call for Proposals

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Presentation Opportunities

Present your expertise to thousands of food science professionals from industry, academia, and government. Do you have new research, insights into emerging trends, or an innovative technology professional peers would benefit from learning? Submit a proposal for consideration to present at IFT19.

Proposal options include:

  • Scientific Session Proposals – Deadline for Submission is October 15, 2018, 4:00pm CST
  • Technical Research Paper Submissions – Deadline for Submission is November 27, 2018
  • IFTNEXT Presentation Proposals –Deadline for Submission is November 27, 2018

If you have any questions regarding the submission process or content, please contact IFT's Knowledge & Learning Experiences department at amsp@ift.org.

IFT19 Session Proposals & Abstract Submission Information

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  • IFT19 Scientific Session Proposals

    Proposal types: symposium, panel discussions, workshops, roundtable discussions, primer sessions, and individual presentations.


    Submission deadline
    : October 15, 2018, 4:00pm CST

  • IFT19 Technical Research Paper (TRP) Abstract

    Proposals types: poster, eposter, division competitions, graduate and undergraduate student research paper competitions, George F. Stewart and Malcolm Bourne IFT International Division Research Paper Competitions


    November 27, 2018


    How to Submit Your Proposal:

    1. You will first log in to ift.org to submit a proposal for whichever session type best fits your work. 

      If you are an IFT member, you will log in with your IFT username and password. 

      If you are not an IFT member and have not previously created a login with IFT, you may do so by selecting the option on the login page: "Not registered? Click here to register."

      If you are not sure whether you have a username and password with IFT, click on "Forgot your username or password?" to see if you already have a login.

    2. If you submitted a proposal last year or were a presenter, moderator, abstract author, or session organizer, please do not create a new username and password, as you should already have one for IFT.

    If you need help retrieving your login credentials, please contact IFT at +1.312.782.8424; 1.800.438.3663, or send an email to info@ift.org.

  • IFTNEXT Call For Proposals for IFT19 in New Orleans

    IFTNEXT Call for Proposals

    “Technology and social change will create new opportunities to communicate and advance the science of food”

    IFT is seeking submissions of IFTNEXT session proposals that consider the dynamic relationships between technology, social trends, global conditions, and the science of food.  IFTNEXT asks submitters to address the relationships of global conditions, such as food and water security, to the trends and tools that impact them in an interactive and engaging presentation.   Selected presentations will be featured on the IFTNEXT stage at the annual event in New Orleans and will be highly visible.  Presenters are encouraged to incorporate media or interaction into the presentation.

    IFTNEXT is about thinking big and being bold. It is about challenging, re-examining and inspiring original thought. It’s about engaging passionate, creative, forward thinking individuals in conversations and activities that provoke a better understanding of how global, transdisciplinary collaboration can advance and instill innovation in the science of the food and its related fields. It is not meant to be contrary to what IFT has always stood for, but rather to complement and extend that work.

    For IFT19, IFTNEXT is soliciting presentations on the following topics:

    1. Data intelligence, AI, and driving innovation in the food industry
      Possible topics may include:
      • The role of food scientists in interpreting and communicating data
      • AI and learning robots on the ground: possibilities and challenges
      • Data sharing, blockchain, and providing for a safer, more personalized, or more efficient food supply
      • AI or predictive analytics and the future of food or product development
      • Interpreting and managing AI bias in data collection and interpretation
    2. Urbanization, urbanism, and the science of food
      Possible topics may include:
      • Self-driving cars and the impact of new urban modes on food delivery and sustainability
      • Urbanization of rural food economies
      • AI, robots and the production and distribution of safe food in urban contexts
      • Addressing the economic gap in nutrition in cities
      • Food traceability, blockchain and sustainability in the urban food supply
    3. Food & water security
      Possible topics may include:
      • The move from an internet of information to an internet of things and its impact on the food industry
      • Climate Change and feeding the next billion
      • Radical cross-collaboration strategies to solve water or protein shortages
      • Blockchain and traceability in food & water security
      • Education, data, the public and food safety
      • Start-ups and feeding the future
      • Alternative proteins for a growing population
    4. Population health management
      Possible topics may include:
      • Persuasive technology (like fitbit), tokenization and changing food behaviors
      • Regulations, product claims, and the “clean” movement
      • Product-izing diets and food behaviors with need technology
      • 3D-printed nutrition
      • Food as medicine
      • Feeding a growing and aging population in urban and rural areas with new delivery methods
    5. Communication, technology and communicating the science of food
      Possible topics may include:
      • Social media and the culture of food, health and nutrition
      • Food science and the role of science, fact and
      • Food science messaging and the role of the university
      • Creating conversation and trust between consumers and food scientists
      • New modes and opportunities for communicating food science to the public

    Deadline: November 27, 2018

    To submit your proposal, please complete the submission form at IFTNEXT Session Submission Form.

    Preference will be given to presentations that do not use a traditional lecture-style symposium format

If you’re serious about advancing your career, business, research, or the science of food and technology, then you can’t afford to miss IFT19.