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June 2-5, 2019 | New Orleans, LA
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Session Speakers Resource

IFT19 speakers are provided with information and tools to create and deliver powerful, impactful presentations.

VIDEO: IFT19 Speaker Prep Webinar

Scientific Sessions, IFTNext: [email protected].
Posters/ePosters: [email protected]

Be Prepared

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  • Presentation Tips

    Your Audience: 14,142 people attended scientific sessions


    As you prepare for an audience of academics and industry professionals in the science of food, make sure to:

    • Set the Scene: What challenges does your topic address and why does that matter?
    • Engage: What can you do to engage the audience and get them thinking about your topic and big picture problems? Tell a story to drive the point home and consider how you can encourage audience participation.
    • Reflect and Apply: What is our role as speakers at scientific sessions at IFT19? What will get the audience thinking about your topic long after it’s over? How can the audience apply what they remember? Think of three to five key takeaways your audience will be able to use or apply after they leave IFT19. 
    • Fill the space - Walk around, move and engage the audience with eye contact.

    Two IFT board members and long-time presenters share some best practices and tips for preparing your presentation:

  • Templates

    Download IFT's PowerPoint templates, linked below, for your presentation

    PowerPoints can be uploaded remotely through the Speaker Portal until the day of your presentation. Make sure to check your presentation in advance for compatibility in the Speaker Ready Room, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center 286-287.

    For Scientific Sessions and Deep Dives: IFT19 Standard PowerPoint Temnplate Wide Screen (PPT)

    For the IFTNEXT Stage: IFTNext PPT Template IFT19 (PPT)

    Key Takeaways Template (Word Doc)

  • What to Expect Onsite

    All PowerPoints can be uploaded remotely through the Speaker Portal until the day of your presentation. Make sure to check your presentation in advance for compatibility in the Speaker Ready Room, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center 286-287.

    286-287, 2nd Floor
    Morial Convention Center

    Speaker Ready Room Hours:
    Sunday, June 2, 9AM-5PM
    Monday, June 3, 6:30AM-5PM
    Tuesday, June 4, 7:30AM-5PM
    Wednesday, June 5, 7:30AM-4PM

    Standard A/V:
    • Podium and/or seating for panel discussions
    • Microphones
    • Large LCD screen and projector

    All presentations will be automatically pre-loaded to project in your room or on stage; you must upload your presentations in advance through the Speaker Portal or onsite in the Speaker Ready Room (you cannot upload your presentation directly in the room).

    Speaking Locations
    Be sure to check which location you will be speaking at.

    Scientific Sessions
    Session rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. The IFTNEXT stage is located on the Expo floor.

    The IFTNEXT Stage is located on the EXPO floor this year. It will include flexible seating and will accommodate standing guests.

    stage and AV Setup Stage and A/V setup

    Remember to:

    • Arrive early- Come to your session location at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to ensure everything is set up properly.
    • Begin on time and stick to your time slot- We have a very tight schedule so we must be respectful of our fellow presenters.
    • Introductions- Introduce yourself and each presenter (if applicable). The IFTNEXT Stage will have an IFT staff member kick off each session with an introduction.
    • Continuing the conversation- If you want to talk beyond your given time slot, you can continue the conversation off-stage. This is a great time to pass out business cards or answer additional questions. We ask that you please do so away from the stage so we can prepare for the next session!
    • Handouts- Invite your audience to view the handouts and resources you uploaded in advance to the IFT19 app. There won’t be a place to leave physical copies behind!
    • Phones- Please silence your phone while you’re on stage. Videorecording your session is prohibited.
    • Scientific Session and Deep Dive Evaluations- Remind the audience to evaluate your session in the IFT19 app.
  • FAQ's

    Can I use my company logo?
    You may include your company or organization logo on you Bio slide. IFT prides itself on science-first programming, we kindly ask that you put the sales pitch aside and focus on your topic area, remembering to tie everything back to advancing food science/technology. 

    Do I have to register for IFT19?  
    Yes, all presenters must pay the appropriate IFT Member or Non-member registration fee. Click here to register for IFT19.

    IFT Does Not Register Presenters – you must register yourself and secure your own housing. 
    Contact IFT at [email protected] with questions.

    Do I have access to other educational sessions? 
    If you purchase an all-access pass, or an attendee pass, yes! Some registration types are restricted by day and event type; make sure your pass covers all the events you want to see! Note: Expo-only passes and some types of exhibitor badges do NOT allow access to educational sessions. See IFT19 Registration restrictions.

    Can I promote my session? 
    YES! We will provide you with resources to promote your session at IFT19. IFT is dedicated to actively promoting our scientific and educational sessions. We promote your presentation title, description, name, credentials and affiliation. Your contact information does not get sold or released.   

    Be on the lookout for more information and tools from IFT on promoting your session to your network. Remember, the most powerful marketing tool is word of mouth. 

    Will my presentation be evaluated? 

    Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate Scientific Sessions and Deep Dives in the IFT19 app. Results will be shared with presenters and organizers after the event.
IFT organizes, co-sponsors and hosts short courses in its effort to provide the food community an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas.