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On this tour, guests will view the Barry Callebaut Americas Region headquarters in downtown Chicago. The entire group will learn about cocoa cultivation and harvesting, cocoa and chocolate manufacturing and the attributes of chocolate. Of course, the tour would not be complete without a chocolate tasting. Guests will sample a variety of our chocolates to understand the flavor components and how they affect the eating experience. Afterward, we will break each visiting group into two smaller groups. One group would tour our Academy and watch a confectionary demo. The second group will be led into our café, where they can explore the history, brands and products of Barry Callebaut. Both groups will spend about 15-20 minutes in each area.  Registration and ticket required for this event.

This technical tour will feature SPEC Engineering and Sweet Solutions, Chicagoland based partner companies in the Food Manufacturing Industry. SPEC Engineering provides systems design, equipment, and technology to bulk material processing and handling customers. SPEC is your link from Process to Productivity. Sweet Solutions is a manufacturer dedicated to the highest quality products for the confectionery, ice cream, dessert and bakery industries. The small batch methods combined with modern technology allow us to provide solutions to any customer.   The technical tour will include: • Candy & Fondant Processing: Learn from an industry expert, Roger Hohberger, about the confectionery industry and view a continuous cooling wheel lab unit in production.   • Virtual Reality Plant Walkthrough: Experience first-hand SPEC’s past plant designs and equipment through this cutting-edge technology. You will have the opportunity to virtually walk through a real production facility using virtual reality goggles. Registration and ticket required for this event.

At IFSH, the National Center for Food Safety and Technology (NCFST) is a consortium of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Illinois Institute of Technology and over 60 food industry members as of December 2017. At the NCFST, FDA research scientists and IIT professors, technicians and graduate students work collaboratively on food safety research and education. The Moffett technical tour will highlight the expertise of the NCFST by showcasing the GMP pilot plant; processing and novel technology areas for high pressure, pulsed ultraviolet light, infrared thermal processing and cool plasma technologies; and laboratories for microbiological, instrumental analysis and high throughput genomic sequencing. Registration and ticket required for this event.

Imbibe is a leading innovator in the beverage industry. Imbibe provides a unique, integrated approach to product development where they engineer every beverage from the bottom up. They design and supply custom components such as strategic ingredient systems, flavors, and finished beverages for every project. They act as a bolt-on R&D function for companies that don’t have one, or an extension of the R&D team for those who do. The Field Trip will begin with a tour of Imbibe’s 40,000 sq. ft. Beverage Innovation Center where participants will learn how beverages are created from concept to commercialization and have the opportunity walk through technical rooms such as the flavor and application labs, pilot plant, and analytical lab.  The tour will then continue with a hands-on presentation where participants will be able to taste in order to enhance their understanding of how to formulate beverages with protein. The presentation will focus on tactical solutions to real world problems in order to avoid setbacks during development and scale-up. Attendees will improve their understanding of protein chemistry, functionality and stability, as well as gain useful knowledge of the various chemical and physical changes protein may undergo as a result of processing conditions. Actual case studies will be discussed in order to illustrate the key concepts. No perfume or fragrance and non-slip closed toe shoes are required.  Registration and ticket required for this event.

Badges available for pickup for pre-registered attendees only. If you need to register onsite, please go to the Registration Desk at McCormick Place in the North Hall.
Badges available for pickup for pre-registered attendees only. If you need to register onsite, please go to the Registration Desk at McCormick Place in the North Hall.