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Protein security, water security, and population health management are big picture issues for global health and sustainability. This quickfire focuses on legumes and emerging findings that indicate that the simple bean may be a key to the future.
Get to know the companies featured at IFT18's Start-Up Alley.
Join the Almond Board of California (ABC) in an exploration of the potential that is unleashed when agriculture and technology merge and innovate in an effort to minimize waste and carbon footprint - and truly take food waste full circle. Recent groundbreaking research developments, in partnership with the USDA, have resulted in new life after harvest for almond co-products - the hulls, shells, and woody material from almond trees. Currently, those coproducts are utilized as livestock bedding and nutritious cow feed – however, ABC’s support in research projects underway with USDA research teams have resulted in almond hulls and shells being used to ferment beer and boost mushroom production, strengthen recycled plastics, and even supplement honey bee and insect food.
Get hands-on with products created from the latest almond waste-reduction science and discuss what’s next for the integration of these technologies.
There's a lot of buzz about Personalized Nutrition, but what is it and how did consumers come to demand these custom health solutions? In this session, we will talk about why Personalized Nutrition is relevant in today's marketplace, how clean label fits in, as well as how and why consumers have changed-up the traditional paradigm of health and wellness. Learn more about how the consumer evolved, what their new expectations are, and what food and beverage manufacturers and marketers need to do to deliver the customization that consumers want. Don't miss this stimulating discussion.
What are some of the problems facing the global population and how can food science help? This IFTNEXT Quickfire is three presentations in one, highlighting the innovation, research, and approaches taken to make a positive impact on food security. Stay until the end for a chance to join the conversation!
It is now possible to get numerical information about tastes and smells. See a demonstration of the artificial nose and what new technologies are being developed that will allow for the manufacturing of smaller, more accessible handheld devices that can even become integrated into our smart cooking appliances. Experience the potential throughout the value chain, from the field, to the industry, and finally to the kitchen.
How can we make our food system more efficient and transparent, cheaper, and less wasteful? This engaging and informative discussion will explore how data intelligence and new technological tools can aid in the decision-making that can help improve business outcomes. Mercaris aims to improve food and agriculture systems through such tools and will provide a State of the Industry for the organic, non-GMO and integrity-preserved (IP) commodities space.
Innovation is the key to any organization’s success! However, if you want to remain competitive in the market place you need to not only create intellectual property but also understand what others have in the same space. The best way to do this is by creating a Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) Program within your company.
By monitoring other peer companies and technologies spaces of interest you can get your first look at the space and start strategizing as you develop to determine if you will have Freedom to Operate (FTO). This will minimize risks to your business and save resources. A CTI Program allows you to look for partners who are willing to collaborate or even find technologies you can use to meet your consumer needs.
The presentation will cover how the program was developed and implemented within the organization and will include a live demo of a CTI Portal.