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June 2-5, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

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New research hints at ways to nurture gut microbiota and improve immune health.

Nontargeted testing methods are useful in detecting food fraud in cases where the user doesn’t know what adulterants may be present in the food.

Experts share strategies and tips for addressing sugar reduction in product formulations.

Biosensors are emerging as a potentially revolutionary technology in the study and rapid detection of foodborne pathogens, toxins, allergens, contaminants, and indicators of food quality.

Although nutrition labeling compliance dates have been delayed, food companies should not underestimate the time required to revise nutrition labeling.

Low-moisture foods, such as flour and peanut butter, have made national headlines in the past few years due to foodborne illness outbreaks associated with pathogens in these products.

When it comes to communicating the benefits of technologies, don’t settle for leftovers.

“Go with Purpose” is this year’s IFT17 theme. For attendees, this means come with questions, ideas, curiosity, and knowledge.