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Bacterial antibiotic resistance has emerged to one of the top health challenges facing the 21st century. Antibiotics are used for maintaining health and productivity in food animals, and for treating diseases in animals and humans. However, mounting evidence suggests that imprudent use of antibiotics could lead to the emergence of resistant organisms posing significant problems to the food supply. In addition to bacterial resistance, some antibiotics such as carbadox can cause health problems in humans, including cancer, if their residues are present in the food. Although the US National Residue Program for Meat, Poultry, and Egg Products reported minimal violations for the presence of antibiotics in the food supply in the recent years (given the number of samples tested), reports, although scanty, indicate that there is the likelihood that these compounds end up in animal products. Given the impact of antibiotics on human health through resistance and residues, this joint symposium by the IFT Muscle Foods and Food Microbiology divisions aims to deliberate on some of the sensitive questions on the issue, and discuss the role of scientists, federal agencies, veterinarians, and industry professionals to reduce the impact of antibiotics on human health. The speakers will present and discuss the food safety, epidemiology, therapeutics, and livestock production perspectives. The selected speakers are experts on the topic and have contributed significantly to the understanding of antibiotic resistant bacteria and residues in seafood and animal-derived foods.