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Whether they’re vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian, more and more consumers are gravitating toward plant-based eating. Mary Ellen Kuhn, executive editor of Food Technology magazine, talks with Cosucra (655) and The Almond Board of California (4013) to learn more about plant-based formulation.
Margaret Malochleb. associate editor of Food Technology magazine, talks with Tastepoint by IFF (booth 1925) and Asenzya Inc. (booth 713) who are responding with their creative takes on the global food trend.
Texture has always been an important consideration during product development. Kelly Hensel, senior digital editor of Food Technology magazine, talks with ICL Food Specialties (booth 1123) and CP Kelco (booth 3947) whose innovations are bringing superior texture and stability to formulations.
Gen Zers are coming of age and have different values and expectations of the food and beverage industry than their predecessors, the Millennials.

Mintel analysts—one a Baby Boomer and the other a Millennial—discuss the ins and outs of developing and marketing products for aging consumers.

The word is out: Full-fat dairy foods can be part of a healthy eating style.

Five future-focused panelists shared their perspectives on where the world of food is headed in an IFT19 featured session.
57% of travelers cite local food/dining as a factor that is important when deciding on travel destinations. According to Melanie Zanoza Bartelme, global food analyst at Mintel, this is a driver behind the rise in demand for flavors and dishes from the Middle East, Japan, and India.
Margaret Malochleb. associate editor of Food Technology magazine, talks with AIDP (booth S0718) and Kyowa Hakko (booth S3961) whose innovations are making inroads in cognitive health by supporting memory, focus, and learning.
Mary Ellen Kuhn, executive editor of Food Technology magazine, chats with FlavorHealth (booth S4783) and Cargill (booth S2202) who offer innovative approaches to reducing sugar in food and beverage formulations.