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June 2-5, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

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Botanical ingredients come in various forms, including powders and oils and dehydrated and freeze-dried. Botanicals can impart unique flavors, and they also provide nutritional benefits by increasing antioxidant, polyphenol, and nutritional fatty acid content in product formulations. Here are a few of the botanical-related exhibitors that will be at the IFT18 Food Expo.
Tea leaves and coffee beans are processed into stand-alone beverages, and they are also used to make extracts, flavors, and other ingredients for the bakery, processed food and beverage, and culinary industries. IFT18 exhibiting companies in this category show other innovative applications where coffee and tea add layers of flavor.
Producing safe, high-quality products that retain their flavor over time is a top goal for any food and beverage manufacturer. The IFT18 exhibiting companies in this category work to provide safety and quality ingredient solutions to prevent premature staling, mold and microbial growth, and flavor degradation so that manufacturers can present consistent, stable products again and again.
Walking the expo floor at this year's event, you will get the sense that many ingredient exhibitors have some type of ingredient option that addresses an area of clean label. Here are just a few of IFT18 exhibitors who will be highlighting solutions to help meet consumers' demand for simple and nutritionally beneficial food and beverages.
With obesity-related diseases on the rise, many food and beverage manufacturers are looking at ways to reduce added sugar in products. From more traditional high-intensity options like sucralose and aspartame to natural offerings derived from the stevia plan, expect to see a variety of innovative sugar alternatives at the IFT18 Food Expo, including the solutions from the following exhibitors.
Dairy products and ingredients have many functionalities and are used to address a range of formulation requirements. In its neutral-tasting concentrate and isolate forms, dairy adds protein to bars and workout drinks, and in liquid form, it provides creaminess to beverages and desserts. Take a deeper dive into the IFT18 exhibiting companies in the dairy category.
For diabetes, joint health, muscle building, skin health, weight management, satiety, and more, proteins have stepped into the limelight in healthy foods and beverages. Innovative product development has resulted in protein ingredients being added or increased in prepared meals, soft drinks, sports beverages, chips, cereals, and baked goods, among other product categories.These IFT18 exhibiting companies are on the cutting edge of the protein segment.
Packaging is vital to the safety, shelf-life, and quality of a food and beverage product. In addition, the choice of packaging for transporting products and ingredients can save manufacturers time and money. Here are a few of the packaging-related exhibitors that will be at the IFT18 Food Expo.
Kelly Hensel, senior digital editor of Food Technology magazine, chats with Nima, Bugeater Foods, and Quigistics about what they have learned and the challenges they face being start-ups in the food industry.
For every sample of sugar reduced chocolate milk that Kerry hands out at its booth (1440), the company will make a donation to Three Square, Southern Nevada’s only food bank providing food assistance to the residents of Lincoln, Nye, Esmeralda, and Clark Counties.