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June 2-5, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

Food Expo Highlights

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Kelly Hensel, senior digital editor of Food Technology magazine, chats with BI Nutraceuticals (booth S1045) and Mizkan America (booth S2240) about innovative applications for botanicals and beer/spirits ingredients.

Mindful choices, lighter enjoyment, and healthy snacking are among the top 10 trends Innova Market Insights is highlighting at IFT18. 

Food expo exhibitors serve up a broad array of sweetener options.
Treat your taste buds to a one-of-a-kind food and beverage experience courtesy of food expo exhibitors.
Get ready for new taste experiences courtesy of food expo product prototypes.

The three winning innovations enhance food safety, product quality and shelf life.

The IFT18 annual event and Food Expo will include a Food Safety and Quality Pavilion that will feature vendors offering options and solutions for food safety and quality. The following are brief descriptions of some exhibitors offering products for food safety and quality.
Botanical ingredients come in various forms, including powders and oils and dehydrated and freeze-dried. Botanicals can impart unique flavors, and they also provide nutritional benefits by increasing antioxidant, polyphenol, and nutritional fatty acid content in product formulations. Here are a few of the botanical-related exhibitors that will be at the IFT18 Food Expo.
Tea leaves and coffee beans are processed into stand-alone beverages, and they are also used to make extracts, flavors, and other ingredients for the bakery, processed food and beverage, and culinary industries. IFT18 exhibiting companies in this category show other innovative applications where coffee and tea add layers of flavor.
Producing safe, high-quality products that retain their flavor over time is a top goal for any food and beverage manufacturer. The IFT18 exhibiting companies in this category work to provide safety and quality ingredient solutions to prevent premature staling, mold and microbial growth, and flavor degradation so that manufacturers can present consistent, stable products again and again.