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Build new relationships with limitless opportunities to connect and expand your professional ecosystem.
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Learn what’s next from the most diverse concentration of global food industry suppliers.
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100+ scientific and 600+ novel research presentation sessions designed to challenge and inspire you to think differently and ask important questions.
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Share your latest products and solutions with high-impact buyers.

Shift20 is now On-Demand

Change, progress, acceleration...Our world is moving fast. We are shifting.

Shifting how we formulate, package, and experience food science and technology. Consumer tastes and preferences are shifting. Food technology and innovation are shifting. Regulation, safety standards and public policy are shifting.

What got us here won’t get us there. We must pivot, evolve, grow, expand and shift our lens, our mindset, and our work to meet the needs of those we serve.

SHIFT20 is the platform that helps the food industry imagine, learn, connect and shift to what’s possible.

Now you can access all this incredible content on-demand.

Shift your perspective, challenge your thinking, adapt, adopt, pivot, and progress.

Keynote: April Rinne

Understand what the future holds from someone who spent her career there.

Special Guest: Frank Yiannas

Learn about the future of food safety from someone who is building it now.

Special Guest: Eve Turow-Paul

What will the future want to eat? Join Eve Turow-Paul as she helps us hack millennial and Gen Z tastes to find out.