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You've set up your company's virtual showcase. Now let's focus of how you can meet and engage prospective customer attendees during and after the event. In this email we'll share many ways you can engage attendees to create new leads and better position your brand.

Step 1: Create a Planner Account

To be able to leverage your virtual showcase presence fully, you need to make sure that every one of your company experts with a virtual business card, also has a SHIFT20 Planner account profile set up. This will allow them to chat and engage with attendees more directly. This is particularly true during the Expo Power Hours scheduled each day of the event.

Expo Power Hours (all times noted are in Central Time, US):

  • Monday and Tuesday: 10:30-11:00 a.m., 12:00-1:00 p.m., and 2:00-4:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 10:30-11:00 a.m., 12:00-1:30 p.m.
TIP: At these times, IFT will be sending a broadcast message to all attendees encouraging them to visit the virtual Expo Showcase. Make sure you have staff experts available to engage with attendees during those times.

Signing up for a Planner account is free and easy!


Create a SHIFT20 Planner Account

Step 2: Register as an Attendee

Each exhibiting company is also able to register one complimentary team member for the event, and up to five additional team members at $110 each. When you register as a SHIFT20 attendee, you are able to fully engage with attendees directly allowing you to make more impactful connections. Here are just a few of the ways you'll be able to do so:

  • Robust profile engagement - as an attendee you are able to create a robust profile in the event platform. This profile allows you to position yourself as an expert that others can seek out, contact, and connect with based on interests, company, business affiliation, and more. It also allows you to see all attendees, search attendees by business affiliation and company sector, and then follow and contact them.
  • Ways to engage through a profile - profiles allow you to contact, start a video chat/panel (for up to 14 people), or follow the attendee. You can also see content they've added to their profile, comments they've made, and other attendees that match their profile that you may also want to engage/follow.
  • "Smart" AI driven matchmaking - your attendee profile has a very powerful AI driven matchmaking engine behind it. As you engage with content throughout the virtual event and expo site more targeted follower connections will populate on your profile proving you extremely targeted lead opportunities.

TIP: Leverage your profile to position yourself as an expert. Comment on content you/your company has expertise in. Follow and reach out to attendees that are developing products aligned to your your company's products.
Register at the moment via the exhibitor portal

Step 3: Engage Attendees

The more you engage with attendees and content the more potential contacts will start to populate in your profile. Here are some ways to engage attendees:

  • Engaging at social events - as an attendee you are able to participate in all of the social events, including topical Division socials/luncheons and each day's wrap up social. This allows you to more directly engage with attendees as a peer, helping you to develop more engaged future customers.
  • Engaging through chat and Q&A at featured - as an attendee you are able to participate in each featured session chat and Q&A sessions to better position yourself as a thought leader to other attendees. This also allows you to see who is engaging on certain topics to inform your lead cultivation strategies.
  • Scientific content commenting - as an attendee you are able to engage and position yourself as a thought leader/problem solver by commenting on scientific session and research posts.

TIP: Access to the Virtual Event and Expo will open on Friday, July 10. A notification will be sent when it has been officially launched. When it does, make sure to update your profile and start following other attendees and content.

We're here to help!

If you have questions, contact our staff at IFT Help in the SHIFT Planner and Expo Showcase. We will be available over the weekend for questions.

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This year, IFT’s expo is going virtual providing your company an advantageous option for sharing your latest products and solutions to a large concentration of qualified food ingredient and R&D decision makers.

IFT’s virtual event and expo will take place Monday, July 13 through Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

Each day of the event will be filled with exciting scientific programming, discussions, research, and presentations including ample time for attendees to visit exhibiting companies’ virtual booths and solution presentations. As an exhibitor you will have ample opportunities to network with attendees through robust online profiles and engagement tools. And, it won’t stop there! Post event attendees will be able to access event and expo content providing them a year-round resource for product solution exploration. Register your company today!

IFT’s annual event and expo has gone virtual providing an ideal opportunity to engage high impact buyers from around the globe! Not only will your company have an ideal venue to showcase your innovative products and solutions, but you will also be able to easily network and engage with prospective customer targets to expand your lead pool, build deeper relationships with current customers, and engage media.

Shift20 XBT Webinar

Share your company's latest products and services to high-impact, motivated buyers attending the SHIFT20 Virtual Showcase Expo July 13-15 and an additional 6 months after! Registration now open! Secure your virtual showcase today.

Prospectus (pdf)

Please contact Darlene Hankes at [email protected] with questions.


Virtual Showcase Expo Webinar

We were absolutely thrilled with the overwhelming requests for this webinar and greatly appreciate the interest. We hope we can provide you with more clarity on the amazing, up and coming virtual expo offerings and sponsorship opportunities. Below is access to the information that was covered during the Virtual Showcase Expo webinar, including all the questions submitted, and prospectus.

Should you have further questions please submit them to [email protected]

Virtual Showcase Expo Registration      Virtual Expo Schedule

Questions regarding the expo, please contact Melodie Anderson at [email protected]


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Exhibitors can login at the Map Your Show portal to access registration information, update your company’s virtual booth content, and make booth payments. If you have questions accessing the Map Your Show portal, please contact Victoria Garcia.
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July  12-15, 2020 I Chicago, IL

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