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Elevate Your Network Through Collaboration and Connection

Take advantage of the entire global food value chain coming together with endless opportunities to network with researchers, innovators, and colleagues who are all focused on transforming the food system. You can customize your IFT FIRST experience with a unique mix of networking events intended to help you build long-lasting professional relationships while gaining and sharing knowledge, expanding your business, and advancing your career.



Professional Networking Event

Invest in yourself and the future of food by attending the IFT FIRST Professional Networking Event on Monday, July 15. For just $75, you will have access to all division socials and gatherings including food and beverage. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to kick-start your connection engine with authentic conversations with peers, problem solvers and thought leaders looking to expand their network.

Aquatic Food Products



Dairy Foods

Education, Extension & Outreach

Food Chemistry

Food Engineering

Food Laws & Regulations

Food Microbiology

Food Packaging

Food Safety & Quality Management


Fruit & Vegetable Products

International Division

Marketing, Sales & Management

Nonthermal Processing

Nutraceutical & Functional Foods


Product Development


Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

Sensory & Consumer Sciences

Sustainable Food Systems

Toxicology & Safety Evaluation


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Member Resource Group Meetups and Events

IFT’s member resource groups are committed to creating a supportive space for those working to build a more inclusive and equitable community with the science of food. Celebrate diversity and inclusion with intention and purpose.

  • IFT FIRST Belonging Bash – A dynamic Sunday evening kick-off event for all IFT FIRST attendees to build meaningful connections, enhance their sense of belonging within the science of food community, and identify professional well-being resources. You can add this event to your registration dashboard, however, please note space is limited.
  • Beyond Gender Bias Meetup – A networking opportunity centered around how to foster inclusive relationships across genders for a thriving science of food community.
  • Private Morning Coffee Connects – Private, no-cameras networking opportunities prioritizing a safe space for IFT FIRST attendees to build community and share experiences.
  • Identity-based Networking – Allies and members: stop by the IFT Hub in the Expo Hall to build long-lasting professional relationships with those who have similar interests.

IFT Early Careerist Resource Group

IFT Women's Resource Group

Asian, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander

Neurodiversity and Disability Inclusion

IFT African, African American, Black Resource Group

IFT Proud (LGBTQIA+) Resource Group

Hispanic and Latinx - Sponsored by Ingredion

Find your Next Friend

First Timers Session


Are you already registered for IFT FIRST? Add the Professional Networking Event to your experience by logging in to your registration dashboard.


Scheduling will open soon for Braindate, an innovative digital platform that seamlessly links you with fellow attendees for vibrant discussions on topics questions, and insights that matter the most to you.